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Chris Houston


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I arrived at Macquarie in 2005, after teaching anthropology for three years at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. In the anthropology programme at Macquarie I teach in the broad area of political anthropology, and also co-convene first year and Honours. In my teaching I try to engineer a meeting - as anthropology always does - between more abstract social theory and particular ethnographic interpretation and representation. At the moment I am interested in the broad areas of the anthropology of the city and the politics and lived experience of Islam. Both of these interests have been fostered by my fieldwork in the wonderful/terrible city of Istanbul, where I have lived on and off for a number of years. Istanbul was my base for the study of the Islamic social movement in Turkey, in which I explored the ways political Islam in the Turkish context was organized and practiced. My years in Turkey (and other places) have also encouraged my interest in republicanism, nationalism and literature, as well as how the organization of space and architecture are connected with these political practices.

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All of my work in Turkey has been dealing with the political repercussions of Turkish Republicanism, both in terms of its excluding and assimilating nationalism and its fundamentalist secularism. For this reason I have done work on the Kurdish question in Turkey and on the politics of the Islamist social movements, both of which reveal the way Turkish politics is structured to severely limit the ability of civil society to democratically self-organize free from the heavy hand of the State.

Secondly, and as part of my research on Turkish Kemalism, I have a particular interest in the politics of the built environment and the control of space by the Republic. My research into the built environment is also seeking to take a historical turn, to examine how social actors in the late 70s used and controlled space for ideological ends in the bitter struggle between leftists and rightists leading up to the military intervention of 1980. Here I am focusing on spatial strategies of terror - bombing, segregation of space, occupation of suburbs etc. - to understand urban politics.

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Editor Journal Issue

Special edition on Turkey, for Journal of Intercultural Studies, Vol 30, Number 1, 2009.

Papers in Non-refereed Journals, Conference proceedings, Published Reports

'A Season of Protest in Turkey: Gezi Park and Beyond', in Asian Currents 2013 (The Asian Studies Association of Australia E-Bulletin)

Khirthar National Park: An Anthropological Baseline Study. Written for and published by Sindh Wildlife Department (Pakistan), 2001: 57pp.

Creative Works


'Death and the Maiden', 'The Reunion', 'Exile and Return', Praying for the Dead', in Earth Wings, The Outrider 91 Almanac, 1991

'They Come Like a Blessing', Southerly, March, No. 1, 1991

'A Farmhouse Burning', For Words are Wise Men's Counters', Westerly, March, No.1, 1990


The Very Beautiful Democratic Novel. 1993 (unpublished novel.)

Other Work

Book Reviews 

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