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Dr Ian Plant

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MA, PhD Canterbury

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Dr Ian Plant is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Ancient History, Division of Humanities. He studied Classics (including Ancient Greek and Latin) and Ancient History at the University of Canterbury, where he completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr Katherine Adshead and Professor Kevin Lee. He taught at the University of Western Australia before taking up the post at Macquarie.

His fields of research are Greek history and historiography, especially the study of Thucydides. He also works on women writers from Ancient Greece and Rome, and more recently on Egyptian religion in Greek and Latin writers. He teaches Ancient Greek, Latin, Mythology, Greek Heroes, Women Writers, Thucydides and Herodotus.

Among his current research projects are:

  • Thucydides and the writing of history
  • Greek and Roman writers on Egyptian Religion-a project he is working on in collaboration with A/Professor Boyo Ockinga.
  • Women Writers of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Funded Projects: Recent and Current

  • Greek and Latin Sources for Ancient Egypt: MURDG 2004.
  • Kimon Project: Teaching Development Grant 2004.
  • Aristides and the rise of the Athenian Empire: MURDG 2003.
  • Syntactical Studies for a Computer-aided Latin Reading Course for Roman Historians: MUTDG 2003.
  • Plutarch and Thucydides on the Rise of the Athenian Empire: MURG 2002.
  • Teaching Classical Greek and Latin: Designing, Developing and Implementing New Teaching and Learning Strategies for Latin and Ancient Greek: CUTSD 2000-2002 ($148,000).
  • Computer-aided reading course (Level 300) for Greek Historians based on the biographical writings of Plutarch: MUTDG 2002.

Recent Publications


  • Myth in the Ancient World (Palgrave Macmillan: South Yarra, 2012)
  • Women Writers of Ancient Greece and Rome (Equinox Press: London, 2004; University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, 2004)

Book Chapters

  • 'Women Historians in the Graeco-Roman World' in M. Spongberg (ed.) Companion to Women's Historical Writing (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005)


  • forthcoming 'Women Historians of Ancient Greece and Rome' Ancient History (2014)
  •  'Thucydides on his historical method' Ancient History 40:2 (2010; published 2013) 167-179
  • "Thucydides and Forensic Oratory" Classical Quarterly 49.1 (1999) 62-73.
  • "Thucydides and the Plague at Athens-Fungal Poison?"  Journal of the History of Medicine 49:2 (1994) 521-546. (Co-publication with Dr J. Bellemore).
  • "Thucydides, Rhetoric and Plague in Athens."  Athenaeum  82:2 (1994) 385-401. (Co-publication with Dr J. Bellemore).
  • "The Battle of Tanagra: A Spartan Initiative."  Historia XLIII (1994) 260-274

Editor: Academic Journal

  • Classicum (2000-2013)

Short Articles

The Chawton House Library Edition of Mary Hays, Female Biography; or Memoirs or Illustrius and Celebrated Women, of All Ages and Countries (1803) ed. Gina Luria Walker (29 short articles):

Part 2 Vols 5-7: Hays Volumes 1-3

 "Aretaphila" , "Arete" ,"Arnaude de Rocas","Artemisia" ,"Artemisia wife of Mausolus" , "Aspasia (Milto)", "Athenais" ,"Charixena", "Chelonis" ,"Cleobule"

Part 3 Vols 8-10: Hays Volumes 4-6

 "Damophila","Edesie" ,"Egee" ,"Erinna","Leontium" ,"Lionna","Hypatia", "Maeroe" ,"Maria", "Phila","Praxilla","Telesilla","Theano Locrencis", "Theano of Crete", "Theano Thuria or Metapontino" ,"Thymele" ,"Tymicha" ,"Zenobia"

Encyclopedia Entries

  • 'Thucydides' Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History Vol. 5 (Berkshire: Great Barrington, 2005) pp. 1825-1827
  •  'Thucydides' in Mark Bevir (ed.) Encyclopedia of Political Theory, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • 'Herodotus' in Mark Bevir (ed.) Encyclopedia of Political Theory, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA

Higher Degree Supervision

  • I have supervised successful dissertations both for PhD and other Higher Research degrees in the field of Greek history. I am currently supervising four candidates.