Department of Ancient History

Dr Gil Davis

Dr Gil Davis Photo

Director: Program for Ancient Mediterranean Studies

MA, PhD Macquarie University

Research interests: Greek history, especially Late Archaic; numismatics

Office: W6A501 
+61 9850-7789 
Fax: +61 2 9850 8240


Dr Gil Davis is the Director of the Program for Ancient Mediterranean Studies in the Department of Ancient History, Division of Humanities. He studied Ancient History and Archaeology at Sydney University and Ancient History at Macquarie University where he completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr David Phillips. He taught Greek history at Adelaide University before taking up the post at Macquarie. Prior to undertaking his PhD, he had 25 years business experience as a top-selling real estate agent, author, and real-estate journalist. He has been the Managing Editor of the Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia (the peak numismatic body in the country) from 2011 to the present.

Gil has established the Program for the Archaeology of Ancient Israel. It has raised funds from the community to support the appointment of a lecturer, excavate at the important site of Tel Azekah in Israel with Tel Aviv University, send students annually to Israel for the excavations and study, and bring leading scholars to Australia to lecture publically and work with MQ students.

Gil's fields of research are Greek history and numismatics, especially the study of Athens in the late Archaic Period. He teaches Greek history. His current research projects are:

  • The Early Attic Coin project with A/Prof. Kenneth Sheedy, which is assembling a complete die-linked corpus of Athenian coinage pre-479 BC
  • An ARC-supported project which is analysing the chemical composition of early Attic coinage with A/Prof. Damian Gore and A/Prof. Kenneth Sheedy
  • Revising and publishing his PhD on the transformation of Athens in the 6th century BC

Current Funded Projects

  • ARC funded project: "A spring of silver, a treasury in the earth: coinage and wealth in archaic Athens"

Recent Publications


  • 2011 - Law, money, and the transformation of Athens in the sixth century B.C.E.(unpublished thesis)
  • 2010 - Sell for More: Secrets that will Maximise the Sale of your Property, Harper Collins, Sydney


  • 2011 - 'Axones and kurbeis - a new answer to an old problem', Historia 60/1, 1-35
  • 2011 - 'Understanding the earliest coinages', in N. Wright (Ed.), Coins from Asia Minor and the east (Numismatic Association of Australia), 11-15
  • 2012 - with Dr. S. Llewelyn, 'Antiochos IV Epiphanes in Athens', in S. Llewelyn & J. Harrison (Eds.), New documents illustrating Early Christianity10, 87-91
  • 2012 - 'Dating the drachmas in Solon's laws', Historia 61/2, 1-30
  • 2013 - 'Athens: the path to democracy', Classicum 39/1, 25-31
  • 2009 (2013) - with K. Sheedy & D. Gore, ' "A spring of silver, a treasury in the earth": coinage and wealth in Archaic Athens', in L Burness & T Hillard (Eds.), Australian Archaeological Fieldwork Abroad II 39/2, 248-57

Articles forthcoming

  1. 2014 - 'Where are all the little owls?', in A. Matthaiou and R. Pitt, ΑΘΗΝΑΙΩΝ ΕΠΙΣΚΟΠΟΣ: Studies in honour of H. B. Mattingly (Greek Epigraphic Society: Athens)
  • 2014 - 'Mining money in Late Archaic Athens', Historia 63/2