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Associate Professor Tom Hillard

ancient-staff tomhillardBA Hons Syd., PhD Macquarie

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Telephone: +61 2 9850 8862
Fax: +61 2 9850 8240
Office: W6A 515


Educated at the University of Sydney, the University of New England and Macquarie, Dr Tom Hillard is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ancient History and a member of the Ancient Cultures Research Centre. He has served as Deputy Dean of the Division of Humanities, but prefers a commitment to teaching, research and community outreach. His research interests are broad, but focus principally on Roman social history, and the politics of the Late Roman Republic. His main current project is the Macquarie Dictionary of Roman Biography, of which he is co-director with Dr J. Lea Beness, his partner in life and academic enterprise. (This project was generously funded in its initial stages by Dr Colleen McCullough-Robinson.)

External Appointments

  • Visiting Research Fellow, Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont 2005


  • Community Outreach Award by the Vice-Chancellor's Commendation, 2005
  • Arts Faculty Teaching Award, Macquarie University, 2010


  • Has participated in the excavations at Caesarea Maritima and Tel Gerisa in Israel, Jebel Khalid in Syria, the Sydney Cyprus Survey Project (as Associate Investigator in 1995), and has led an Australian underwater team to Torone in the Chalkidiki, northern Greece.


Books (edited)

  • Ancient History in a Modern University Volume I The Ancient Near East, Greece and Rome; Volume II Early Christianity, Late Antiquity, and Beyond (Grand Rapids & Cambridge, 1998) (with R.A. Kearsley, C.E.V. Nixon and A. Nobbs)
  • Roman Crossings. The Roman Republic in Theory and Practice (The University Press of Wales, 2005) (with K. Welch)


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Selected Reviews

  • Rape in the Greek and Roman World: A Review Article', Ancient History: Resources For Teachers 29.2 (1999), 159-183 (with J.L. Beness)
  • Review of W. J. Tatum "The Patrician Tribune" Phoenix 55 (2001), 189-193
  • Review of Beryl Rawson "Children and Childhood in Roman Italy", Ancient History: Resources For Teachers 34.1 (2001), 82-88.
  • Addressing Rome: a review of L.M. Yarrow, "Historiography at the End of the Republic. Provincial Perspectives on Roman Rule", Classical Review (forthcoming)


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