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Boyo Ockinga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ancient History, and member of the Ancient Cultures Research Centre. He studied Ancient History at the University of Auckland (BA 1973; MA 1975) and went on to study Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Tübingen, Germany (1976-1983), where he obtained a DPhil in Egyptology in 1983. Before coming to Macquarie in 1984 he was Assistant in the Department of Egyptology, Tübingen (1982-1984). At Macquarie he teaches Egyptology with a focus on philology and religion.

Research Interests

Since 1984 he has conducted regular fieldwork projects in Egypt at a number of sites - Nag El Mashayikh, Awlad Azzaz (Sohag), Dra Abu El Naga (Luxor) and Saqqara - working on the epigraphic and archaeological recording of New Kingdom tombs. Since 1991 he has directed the Macquarie Theban Tombs Project at Dra Abu El Naga.
Other research interests are Egyptian religion, including a project on Greek and Roman writers on Egyptian Religion, which he is working on in collaboration with Dr Ian Plant, and the publication of Egyptian material in Australasian collections.

Grants Awarded

The archaeological fieldwork mentioned above has received regular support through research grants from The Australian Research Council (ARC), the Macquarie University Research Development Grant scheme (MURDG) and the Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology. Since 2005 Ockinga is a chief investigator, along with N. Kanawati and C. Kohler, in a five-year ARC Discovery Projects Grant for a study on Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt.

National and International Links

The fieldwork in Egypt is conducted by Ockinga in association with the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt as well as with individual Egyptian scholars, and the research and publication of data recorded is carried out in association with other international scholars. His research is presented at international conferences and other institutions.


Ockinga's bibliography includes over 50 books, book chapters and scholarly articles, of which the following is a selection:

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