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Summer Week 2017: 9-13 January
Winter Week 2017: 3-7 July

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About MALS

The Macquarie Ancient Languages School (MALS) provides a unique opportunity to engage with ancient cultures through the study of their languages in a friendly and stimulating environment. The School began in 1981 as an intensive summer school in ancient Greek. It has expanded over the years and now offers courses in a variety of ancient languages associated with the teaching and research programs of the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University.

MALS offers intensive courses at introductory to advanced levels led by our team of enthusiastic tutors, some of whom have been sharing their skills and passion for languages at the School for many years. Week-long sessions run on the Macquarie campus in January and July each year. We specialise in Greek, Egyptian, Latin (winter only), Coptic, and Hebrew, and regularly include other languages as well. Everyone (from 16 years of age up) interested in exploring one of these languages with us is warmly welcomed.

The Learning and Teaching Approach of MALS

Whether you are new to MALS or one of our many returning participants we hope you will enjoy the friendly, supportive, and stimulating atmosphere of the School, of which we are very proud. It forms a key component of our Department's community outreach program.

The School employs methods designed to support adult learners (16 years of age and up) from a wide range of backgrounds. You may, for instance, be a university student wanting to begin your engagement with ancient languages or strengthen existing skills and experience. You may be someone who has always been wanting to learn one of the languages we offer or one of our many MALS veterans who enjoys exploring new texts with like-minded people.

The world is divided into people who love ancient languages and those who have not yet realised that they love ancient languages. We cater for both categories and look forward to working with you.


The director of MALS is Trevor Evans, who has had a long association with the School, participating as both a student and tutor (he also co-founded the Sydney Latin Summer School with the late Professor Kevin Lee). Trevor is a specialist in ancient Greek and Latin. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie and directs its Ancient Languages program.

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