Department of Ancient History

Student Societies

There are a number of societies which support undergraduate and postgraduate students within the department of Ancient History.

The Macquarie Ancient History Association's Student Advisory Council organises academic and social events for Ancient History Students at Macquarie .

The Telemachus Ancient History Mentor Program (Tele's Angels) is an ancient History mentor group run by students for students which organises workshops and programs on various themes to assist students in their study of the Ancient world at Macquarie.

University Students for Egyptological Research (U.S.E.R.) is a society for students studying, researching and practicing Egyptology at Macquarie which facilitates networking, socialising, and dialogue amongst students to encourage and perpetuate a sense of community amongst Egyptology students at Macquarie University.

The Macquarie Asian Historical Research Society (MAHRS) was formed in March 2010. MAHRS was founded by PhD Candidates at Macquarie who felt a need for greater rapport between fellow students who had research interests in Asian history. MAHRS is not only a society, but a forum within which members may discuss and contest ideas on aspects of Asian historical cultures.