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A selection of archived newsletters are available for you to read on-line (via iPad, Android, Tablet or Computer).  You will notice in recent times, that we are moving towards electronic newsletters (as a website embedded in an email).   This is to get the information out to SSEC members in a more timely manner without having to go through multiple layers of Universities bureaucracy.

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Disclaimer. SSEC Newsletter Editors' Note: "The Society takes no position on the intellectual content of papers and articles."
"The unique emphasis of our Society is one of history. The study of Early Christianity in its Jewish and Graeco Roman Setting." Prof Alanna Nobbs has asked for this disclaimer to be added to all SSEC correspondence eg SSEC eNewsletters, SSEC website & SSEC facebook etc.

Table 1: SSEC Newsletters Latest on Top

Newsletter Date Download
Newsletter 87

March 2018

March 2018 - was forwarded to members on 12 March 2018.

Here is the link to the March 2018 newsletter

Newsletter 86 August 2017SSEC News August2017

August SSEC Newsletter.  15 August 2017. This was sent to  SSEC Members and to all friends of the society, as a link within an email.

Here is the link to the SSEC News August 2017


Newsletter 85 February 2017SSEC News Feb2017 number 85

February SSEC Newsletter.  This was sent to SSEC Members and to all friends of the society, on 21 February 2017.

Here is the link to the  SSEC NEWS Feb 2017 


Alternative Newsletter 84

Alternative version August 2016

SSEC News Aug 2016

This is the alternative version of the August 2016 newsletter sent as a "clever email".  This email version was unanimously approved by the SSEC committee on 4 August 2016.

SSEC NEWS Aug 2016

Newsletter 84

August 2016

Cover August 2016 Newsletter 84

First Version of the August  eNewsletter SSEC eNewsletter84 (Download PDF 670KB).  

Paper version was posted in late August 2016.

Newsletter 83

March 2016 Available now.

Newsletter 83 March 2016 cover

eNewsletter 83 (Download PDF 648KB) is available now.   

An email was sent on 3 March 2016, to all members and friends with this link to the eNewsletter.   

Paper newsletter was mailed shortly after, with conference brochure and membership renewal form on 11 March 2016.


Newsletter 82

August 2015 

SSEC newsletter August 2015 issue 82 cover

eNewsletter 82 August 2015  (PDF 450kB)

August eNewsletter Issue no 82  was distributed 4 August 2015.   We prefer to send the link (URL) rather than large email attachments.  Please let us know - if you are expecting an eNewsletter and you do not receive the link. Paper newsletter followed shortly after.

Newsletter 81

March 2015

SSEC newsletter 81 cover

Newsletter 81 Revised. (PDF 819KB)

Newsletter was distributed on 3 March 2015 in electronic format.

Paper format followed approx one week later.

Please Note:
- The electronic version of the SSEC newsletter is slightly longer at fifteen (15) pages than the paper version at eight (8) pages.
- It also contains more useful features such as "click on-links" & larger fonts.
- It can easily be viewed on iPads, iPhones & other mobile devices.

Newsletter 80

September 2014

SSEC september2014eNewsletter

Newsletter 80 (PDF 754KB).  Distributed electronically on 1 September 2014 to financial members.  Paper version was distributed shortly after in early September 2014.

Please Note:
- The electronic version of the SSEC newsletter is slightly longer at fifteen (15) pages than the paper version at eight (8) pages.
- It also contains more useful features such as "click on-links" & larger fonts.
- It can easily be viewed on iPads, iPhones & other mobile devices.

Newsletter 79

June 2014

June14 eNewsletter 79

Newsletter 79 (749KB) in full colour to SSEC members.    (Distributed electronically on 11 June 2014.)   

Paper newsletters were printed & distributed shortly afterwards in mid June 2014.  This timetable for distribution was due to Professor Alanna Nobbs overseas conference & travel arrangements.  She returned to Australia 10 June 2014.   

Newsletter 78

March 2014

SSEC Newsletter cover 78

Newsletter 78  (Revised PDF 680Kb)  in colour to SSEC members. (distributed electronically on 1 March 2014 )   

Note: Newsletter 78 has been distributed electronically in March (rather than February) so that all SSEC conference details could be included.

Note:  Conference 2014 -  A full  list of speakers, program/ timetable and all conference details including costs, venue etc has been forward to SSEC members with our March 2014 eNewsletter # 78.    (or via snail mail  with our March 2014 paper Newsletter #78).   

Newsletter 77

September 2013

SSEC newsletter cover 77

Newsletter 77  (PDF 666KB) is available now in colour to SSEC members. (as at 1 September 2013) 


Newsletter 76

June 2013

SSEC newsletter cover 76

Newsletter 76 (PDF 750KB) is available now in colour to SSEC members.  
Newsletter 75

February 2013

SSEC Newsletter cover 75

Newsletter 75 (PDF 1.1MB) is available now in colour.
Newsletter 74

September 2012

SSEC Newsletter cover 74

Newsletter 74  (PDF 984KB) is available now in colour. 
Newsletter 73

June 2012

SSEC newsletter cover 73

Newsletter 73    (PDF 569KB) is available now in colour. 
Newsletter 72

Feb 2012

SSEC newsletter cover 72

Newsletter 72 (PDF 700KB) is available now in colour.
Newsletter 71

Sept 2011

SSEC Newsletter cover 71

Newsletter 71 (PDF 602KB) is available in colour.
Newsletter 70

June 2011

SSEC newsletter cover 70

Newsletter 70 (PDF 503.33 KB) is available in colour.
Newsletter 69 Feb 2011 Newsletter 69 (PDF 1.09 MB) - black and white.
Newsletter 68 September 2010 Newsletter 68 (PDF 6.09 MB)
Newsletter 67 June 2010 Newsletter 67 (PDF 1.68 MB)

Note: SSEC older newsletters are grouped by volume. Latest on top. These volumes are arranged as PDF packages. To view the following packages of PDF you need Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader, go to here.

Table 2: SSEC Older Newsletters are grouped by volume

Volumes Newsletters Date Download
3 Newsletters 45 to 66 inclusive  - For February 2003 to February 2010 inclusive - Due to some website technical problems, this large file has been subdivided into four smaller parts, to make this easier to Download.
3A Newsletters 45 to 55 Feb 2003 to June 2006 Newsletter 45 to 55 (PDF 1.8MB)
3B Newsletters 56 to 61 Sept 2006 to June 2008 Newsletters 56 to 61 (PDF 2MB)
3C Newsletters 62 to 64 Sept 2008 to June 2009 inclusive Newsletters 62 to 64 (PDF 1.6MB)
3D Newsletter 65 & 66 Sept 2009 & Feb 2010 Newsletters 65 & 66 (PDF 3.8MB)   (Note: This file sometimes plays up and just doesn't want to download please accept our apologies, if you have trouble with this file, sincerely SSEC web master)
2 Newsletters 23 to 44 Sept 1995 to Sept 2002 Newsletters 23 to 44 (PDF 992.26 KB)
1 Newsletters 1 to 22 June 1987 to June1995 Newsletters 1 to 22 (PDF 6.47 MB)

Note: SSEC Indices are available to help you find an article by author or title within the SSEC Newsletters. The General index shows lists all articles in all SSEC newsletters from 1 to 66.

Table 3: SSEC Indices - to find things easily in each volume

Index Date PDF format
Index 1 to 22 June 1987 to June1995 Index 1 to 22 (PDF 193.83 KB)
Index 23 to 44 Sept 1995 to Sept 2002 Index 23 to 44 (PDF 17.12 KB)
Index 45 to 66 Feb 2003 to Feb 2010 Index 45 to 66 (PDF 52.83 KB)
General Index (1 to 66) June 1987 to Feb 2010 General Index 1 to 66 (PDF 88.28 KB)


SSEC Newsletter PIC

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