Master Plan 2014

The Macquarie University Master Plan is the next step after the successful approval of the University Concept Plan in 2009.

The review of the Macquarie University Master Plan was driven by the 2013 University's strategy "Our University - A Framing of Futures" and the significant growth on the campus since 2004. Ongoing changes in teaching methodologies, new course opportunities at Macquarie, a desire to increase industry engagement and the potential of commercial opportunities on the campus are also key considerations.

The Master Plan sets out an updated physical framework to accommodate the University's predicted needs, while ensuring flexibility into the future and enhancing the existing qualities of the University's campus. It acknowledges that change will be continuous and new directions will evolve as the University grows, and identifies a strong but flexible framework for growth. It also identifies a series of initiatives aimed at improving the amenity of the campus, while identifying over time how sites can be developed to their full potential and how future growth can be accommodated.

The document is structured to identify the key elements that underpin the plan and new initiatives.

It is important to note that this Master Plan is not intended to be proscriptive in any way. Instead, it is intended to provide a general framework to guide and assist the University in its decision making in respect to future development of the campus.

The 2009 Concept Plan will continue to provide the formal statutory planning  approval and tool for the University to guide the future development of the site.