Campus Master Plan

Over the last 6 years, the Property Office has been working on the Macquarie University Master Plan to facilitate and guide the future development of the Campus.

The first step of this process was the Concept Plan, which was approved in August 2009. Macquarie University was gazetted as a Site of State Significance in December 2009.

This identified and achieved approval for a number of key major developments, including the Cochlear Global Headquarters, the new Learning and Research Centre (Library), and the Australian Hearing Hub.

It also led the way into detailed precinct planning, commencing in Precinct E (the Southern Precinct) to enable the further detail required for the clearer definition of each 'precinct' of development guidelines for urban, infrastructure, landscape and sustainable design.

The development of sustainable infrastructure is a key focus for Property, not only to identify issues relating to capacity for development and redundancy but in taking a global view to 'future proof' the University and commercial precincts.

The Master Plan was completed in 2014, strategically aligned with the Vision and Strategy of the University "Our University - A Framing of Futures" that provides a reference framework which will permit flexibility to accommodate future infrastructure and space needs while enhancing the existing qualities of the University's campus.