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Macquarie University launches The Lighthouse

19 April 2018

A new website shining a light on world-changing research stories The Lighthouse, a new multi-media news platform showcasing world-changing research ...

Credit: NA Sharp

340,000 stars’ DNA interrogated in search for Sun’s lost siblings

18 April 2018

An Australian-led group of astronomers – including Associate Professor Daniel Zucker from the Department of Physics and Astronomy – working ...

Exterior of the Macquarie University Library

Macquarie partners in $200 million Digital Health R&D initiative

13 April 2018

The new Digital Health CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) involving Macquarie University will invest over $200 million to develop and test ...


World-first study demonstrates potential role for medicinal cannabis in treating neuromuscular disease

5 April 2018

New research from Macquarie University and The University of Sydney demonstrates a novel role that cannabinoids play in nervous system ...


Indigenous people’s experiences on social media differ significantly from the mainstream population: National study

5 April 2018

71 per cent of Indigenous Australians agreed that social media offered a good platform for learning about and engaging in ...


Too many back pain patients receiving the wrong care

26 March 2018

A global epidemic of inappropriate tests and treatments for back pain means patients are not receiving the right care, and ...

Credit: Sam Blackman/Flickr

Health experts call for national strategy on child injury prevention to curb rates of hospitalisation

14 March 2018

A new decade-long study of preventable self-harm and assault hospitalised injuries of children aged 16 years or less was published ...

Credit: Paul Wright

Robots: 22 international teams, 51 Aussie teams competing at Sydney Olympic Park from Sunday

12 March 2018

FIRST Robotics Competition Australian Regionals kick off in Sydney from 11-18 March. Move over Olympians! It’s athletes of a different ...


New scientific study examines why eggs are shaped as they are

9 March 2018

The shape of a species’ egg is determined by the climate in which they typically breed, and the extent to ...


Major study of homelessness finds housing policy is failing Sydney’s most vulnerable

5 March 2018

There is an urgent need for more low-cost housing and alternative housing models of supported housing for Sydney’s homeless, given ...

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