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Exterior of the Macquarie University Library

Australian Government announces $499,000 to cut traffic congestion in Macquarie Park

17 November 2017

Macquarie University and the City of Ryde Council have been awarded a $499,000 technology grant to reduce heavy traffic congestion ...

Exterior of the Macquarie University Library

Two Macquarie researchers achieve the Web of Science 2017 Highly Cited Researcher list

15 November 2017

Two researchers from Macquarie University, Professor Richard Kefford and Professor Ian Wright, have been named a Web of Science 2017 ...


Role of CO2 in the evolution of climate illuminated by its release from the deep earth in continents

14 November 2017

CO2 stored slowly in the deep solid earth and released rapidly from continents has had a much greater role in ...

A rendering of the Macquarie University Law School

Macquarie University launches Law School Campaign with nod to former Macquarie Chancellor The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

8 November 2017

Today, Macquarie University announced plans to redevelop the Macquarie Law School, re-imagining the University’s campus by establishing a new purpose-designed ...


Use it or lose it: Community support crucial for older Australians maintaining independence

6 November 2017

Support services such as domestic assistance, social support and personal care vital in preventing early entry to residential care Each ...

A foraminifer (Orbulina universe) feeding on a copepod (which is a marine planktonic crustacean). Credit:  Oscar Branson, ANU

New study of plankton shells overturns decades-old understanding of their formation and chemistry

3 November 2017

New study on ultra-thin slices of minute plankton shells discovers their true structure Study finds plankton shells originally form from ...

Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) mother and pup reunited after the female’s foraging trip. Photo credit: Kaja Wierucka

It’s the mother and child reunion: Sea lion mothers spot their pups in a crowd

2 November 2017

Sea lion mothers can identify the age of pups based on visual cues alone, and even as their pups grow ...


When is enough, enough? New study on the commercialisation and conflict of interest in the IVF industry

2 November 2017

Australian-first study into the commercialisation of IVF treatments found some professionals in the artificial reproductive technology (ART) industry believe that ...


New white paper maps the very real risks that quantum attacks will pose for Bitcoin

2 November 2017

Combining expertise in quantum technologies and cryptography, researchers have been projecting future dates that quantum computers could jeopardise the security ...

Dr Thomas Volz

Tiny diamonds light the way for new quantum technologies

1 November 2017

Macquarie University researchers have made a single tiny diamond shine brightly at room temperature, a behaviour known as superradiance. This ...

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