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Macquarie University launches Macquarie Business School

8 May 2019

Macquarie University has today announced the launch of the Macquarie Business School, signalling a new approach to business education and ...

Credit: Chris Stacey

Macquarie University demonstrates world-changing impact in inaugural research engagement and impact assessment

29 March 2019

The results announced today in the report of the Australian Research Council’s 2018 Engagement and Impact Assessment demonstrates Macquarie University’s ...

Macquarie University Library

Macquarie University’s world-leading research: Emboldening our reputation through research excellence

27 March 2019

ERA ratings show all assessed Macquarie University research deemed world class and above at a 2-digit code level Macquarie achieved ...

Credit Jesse Taylor

Innovative robotics competition to challenge the world’s brightest and best young minds

21 March 2019

FIRST® Robotics Competition will see teams battle it out to design and build working robots Celebrating five years in Australia, ...

Credit: Paul Wright

Show me the ethics! Business school students choose ethical employers over high salaries

19 March 2019

Nearly one in five business-school students are willing to sacrifice more than 40% of their salary to work for a ...


Universities welcome NSW Government backing for Sydney Quantum Academy

9 March 2019

The NSW Government has announced support for the establishment of a new Sydney Quantum Academy with $15.4 million in funding, ...

Image credit: Flickr/Nick Vidal-Hall

Benefits of inspirational leadership in the workplace challenged by Macquarie University report

4 March 2019

Psychologists and human resources departments have long argued that inspirational leaders who set a positive and optimistic tone in the ...

Blood lead levels are rising by some measures in Port Pirie and Broken Hill.

MFB and UFU with Macquarie University to partner on world-first PFAS study

26 February 2019

Can regular blood or plasma donations reduce the level of chemicals in firefighter’s blood? That’s the question the Metropolitan Fire ...

Credit: Jesse Taylor

Macquarie University to lead nation in synthetic biology research with $2.5m grant

20 February 2019

Research into new technologies that could pioneer breakthroughs in the biomedical and agriculture sectors has received a significant boost, with ...

Credit: M.McCaughrean (ESA)/ESO)

A new leader for astronomical optics in Australia

15 February 2019

Macquarie University has appointed Dr Mark Casali as the Director of the Macquarie node of Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO-Macquarie). He ...

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