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Open Day 2017

19 August 2017
Join us and discover that Macquarie really is a uni like no other – as a student you’ll start to carve out a fabulous career or take the next step up the career ladder, you can travel the globe and be supported to do so, and you’ll start to create valuable personal and professional networks.
Exterior of the rear of the University library at sunset.

Lighthouse Lecture Series: The Time of Money

21 August 2017
Debts we can’t repay, wages that don’t cover our cost of living and struggling degree-educated millennials working unpaid internships. These are just some of the financial issues facing our society today that pose the question: Why do we now not earn enough to live? On Monday 21 August in the fourth instalment of Macquarie University’s Lighthouse Lecture Series, Professor Lisa Adkins from the University of Newcastle will join us to discuss The Time of Money. Adkins will cover a range of issues on how the logic of speculation is transforming our everyday lives and will consider how this impacts our society. Register your attendance and join us in welcoming Professor Adkins to Macquarie University’s Lighthouse Lecture Series. Arrive at 4pm and take the opportunity to network with your peers before Lisa takes the stage at 4.30pm.
Lisa Jones, Tracce (detail), 2017

Artist’s Talk

22 August 2017
Artist’s Talk 22 August 2017 In and beyond the Roman Forum is a Macquarie University exhibition in collaboration with the Department of Ancient History from Wednesday 12 July to Wednesday 30 August. Join ...

Physician competition and low value health care seminar

24 August 2017
In this seminar, we will examine the impact of competition on the quality of care provided by physicians. New data on 328,000 consultations with 3,280 GPs are used to examine if competition changes the provision of low value care, as defined by the Choosing Wisely campaign. We have rich data on GPs and patients and competition facing a GP is measured by the distance to other GPs. Small area (postcode) fixed effects are included in our model to allow for unobserved area level factors affecting GP competition and quality.

Symposium: Affect(ing)/Effect(ing)

28 August 2017
Symposium: Affect(ing)/Effect(ing) 28 August 2017 - 29 August 2017 The emergence of the concept of affect in recent scholarship raises important questions for research programs, strategies and positions across the ...
Friends of MQ Health Logo

Friends of MQ Health Launch

7 September 2017
Friends of MQ Health Launch 7 September 2017 We’re delighted to be launching a new community at Macquarie University Hospital called Friends of MQ Health. Who are the Friends of ...

Macquarie University Festival of Rugby

9 September 2017
Macquarie University Festival of Rugby 9 September 2017 - 10 September 2017 Get among the nation’s top men’s and women’s rugby talent and cheer on the Macquarie University Sydney Rays ...

Master of Research Information Session

13 September 2017
Join us for our Master of Research information session with academic staff and advisers from across the University
Sustainability Talks: Green and Public Spaces

Sustainability Talk: Green and Public Spaces

13 September 2017
Join us in the second talk of the Sustainability Talks series as we explore how we can increase the value and amount of Green and Public space in Sydney with the increasing pressure of development and population growth.
Weidenbach Symposium

Weidenbach Symposium

14 September 2017
Max Weidenbach on expedition in Egypt (1842-1845) and a life on three continents in Germany, Egypt and Australia. This 2-day event is focussed on presenting research on this fascinating diary as well as the life of Max Weidenbach in Germany, in Egypt and finally in Australia.

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