Macquarie University Research Centres: Engaging for Impact

26 March 2019

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Conference Rooms, Level 3, 18 Wally’s Walk, Macquarie University

This event brings together a compelling cohort of Research Centres and key members of Macquarie University community to showcase the real-world impact of research and engagement that Macquarie University Research Centres provide.

During the event, three Centres will provide an introduction to their work and the research problems they are addressing. Following presentations, guests will have the opportunity to discuss potential research engagement and partnership opportunities.

Research Centres
Centre for Elite Performance Expertise and Training (CEPET)
Director: John Sutton, Deputy Director / Co-Director: Kim Curby
The Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise, and Training conducts multidisciplinary research designed to address three core problems in the study of elite performance and expertise: understanding its acquisition, its maintenance, and its loss. As well as advancing scholarly knowledge of these three areas, CEPET is equipped to translate experimental findings into real-world applications and tools for training and maintaining expertise, selecting individuals with a propensity for expertise, and providing psychological and social support for individuals who experience a loss of expertise, whether through retirement, injury, or for other reasons.

MQ Photonics Research Centre
Director: Judith Dawes, Deputy Director / Co-Director: Stuart Jackson
MQ Photonics seeks to be a leading research centre in photonics with the aim to make long-lasting and positive impacts on the lives of Australians and beyond. Building on our established record of research excellence in lasers and photonics, MQ Photonics Research Centre aims to address key challenges in manufacturing, biomedicine, defence, food and agriculture and energy.

Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environment (CACHE)
Director: Bronwen Neil, Deputy Director / Co-Director: Ronika Power
Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environment (CACHE) is a multi-disciplinary research centre focused on research on cross-cultural interaction in ancient cultures from Western Europe to China. Concentrating not only on the history of the societies concerned, but on the languages used, with a special focus on the close study of physical artefacts from antiquity.


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Event contact

Jeretta Krampah

(02) 9850 1601