Student Success Support Package

Student Success Support Package

Targeted financial support for our students

We hear you. It’s hard to stay focused on your study goals when the impact of COVID-19 means you are struggling to meet your everyday financial needs.

To support your success and help you meet your financial needs we’ve updated the Student Success Support Package for the second half of the year.

**  Updated August 2020 **

Register for financial support

  • If you have already received support under the MQSSSP you can still register
  • If you were previously not eligible for support under MQSSSP but your circumstances have changed you can register
  • If you can’t pay your upfront fees – register
  • MQSSSP is only available to students who started studying at Macquarie University before July 2020

Latest update

  • Almost 7000 MQ students have been supported via the MQSSSP
  • Almost $13 million has been provided
  • Students most in need are always given priority access to support
  • Around 90% of applicants have received some form of support under the SSSP
  • Around 70% of applicants are from international students

Financial support available

Who is it for?

Macquarie University students that started their studies with us before July 2020 and who need financial support as a result of COVID-19. Priority will be given to students most in need and those who can’t access any other financial packages or support arrangements.

We need to take a holistic view of your circumstances. As part of the registration you’ll be asked about your current employment, weekly accommodation costs, your savings and other forms of government assistance you might receive or be eligible to receive.

More Information

  • You must be currently enrolled at Macquarie University
  • Any money granted will be paid into an Australian bank account in your name only
  • There is no fee to apply for any of these support options
  • You can receive multiple levels of support.

What support is available?

Option 1: Students who pay their fees upfront

If you usually pay your fees upfront but don’t have enough money to pay your fees at the moment because you need your money to pay for your accommodation and food. Even if you have already applied or received support in the first half of the year.

If you’re having trouble paying your upfront fees, and you fill in this form, we may be able to set you up on a payment plan for your fees. If you go on a payment plan you will still have to pay your fees but we may be able to delay that payment or allow you to pay your fees in smaller payments over a period of time.

Please note: If you are eligible for this support you will still have to pay your fees at some point so it is better for you to pay what you can now then apply for the payment plan for the amount that you cannot afford to pay now.

Option 2: Students that need emergency support to pay for food or accommodation

If this is you, please apply for financial support via the MQSSSP. Under this scheme you may be eligible for:

Emergency support

  • e-vouchers for food and other support
  • Care hampers
  • Discounted MQ Student meal packages

Accommodation support

  • Money for accommodation costs

Note: Priority for accommodation support is given to students who are not eligible for other types of assistance

Registration Process

Before you register please make sure you have:

  • evidence of your bank accounts, assets, and information about any other support payments you receive, and
  • up-to-date contact details (on the form and in e-Student) as we may need to speak with you during the process.

We won’t be able to process your registration for MQSSP without that information.


Remember, you can talk to the Student Wellbeing team about your options at any time.

Student Wellbeing:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone:  +61 2 9850 7497
  • Chat online

Frequently Asked Questions

We know, you’ve probably still got questions.  Hopefully we’ve anticipated them with our FAQs below.

Will I need to repay any fees in 2020?

If you choose to defer your fees for the remainder of 2020, no repayments are required. You are able to pay a portion or smaller amounts if you wish, to help lessen the overall debt.

How is the support request assessed?

We are working hard to make the process as simple as possible. Some levels of support require evidence of need and that you have exhausted other external avenues of support.

Who can access this support?

This support package is available to all Macquarie students although priority will be given to students most in need.

As part of the process, Student Wellbeing will make sure other external avenues of support have been considered, especially for domestic students. This will include support from Centrelink through the Government’s stimulus package coronavirus supplement and/or from your financial institution.

I am getting a support payment from Centrelink. Am I still able to apply for one of these support options?

Yes. You can still apply under the MQ Student Success Support Package.

If I’m a sponsored student, can I still apply?

Yes, sponsored students can apply. Your specific circumstances will be considered as part of the assessment of the application.

What if I can’t pay the money back by the due date?

Students will be contacted in the coming months to arrange payment plans to assist them with repayments in 2021.

What happens if I leave the University and have not made all repayments?

Outstanding debts will still need to be paid.

What happens if I am ready to graduate and have not made all repayments?

Outstanding debts will still need to be paid. Payment plans will be arranged to assist with repayments.

I have already applied for a COVID-19 Financial Assistance Loan that was previously announced? Can I apply for additional support?

Yes, you are still eligible to apply for the update Student Success Support Package.

I’ve withdrawn from study at MQ. Am I still eligible for these support options?

No. These support options are for students currently enrolled and undertaking studies at Macquarie University.

I am no longer in Australia but am still studying with MQ. Can I still access this support?

Yes. You can still apply for support and consideration will be given to the options that best suit your individual circumstances.

I don’t have an Australian bank account. Can I still get this support?

Most forms of support will require you to have an Australian bank account for payment. We are unable to make payments to overseas bank accounts in the current circumstances.

What documents are required?

As you complete the application, you will be advised about the documentation you need to supply. You can upload these at the time of application.

When and how will I find out if my application is successful?

Applications will be processed as quickly as possible, once relevant documentation has been provided. The Student Wellbeing team will advise by email if your application is successful. Emergency support will be provided within 1-2 business days.

I don’t think I am eligible for any support. What can I do?

We’re still here to help and discuss your options. Contact Student Wellbeing via:

  • Chat (from their webpages)
  • Email :
  • Phone :  +61 2 9850 7497. Outside business hours, please call 1800 227 367 (1800 CARE MQ)

I don’t know what to apply for. Can you help?

Yes. Contact Student Wellbeing via:

  • Chat (from their webpages)
  • Email :
  • Phone :  +61 2 9850 7497. Outside business hours, please call 1800 227 367 (1800 CARE MQ).

I would prefer help to find a job. How can I get a job?

Check out all the resources on our Careers and Employment page. We have a whole team of Careers professionals waiting to help you.

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