Visitor parking

Visitor parking

Visitors to Macquarie University are welcome to park in one of the general campus carparks that charge a visitor rate using either a ticket machine (charged by the hour) or PAYG online/via an app (charged by the minute).

Please check the Map to see ticket machine and General parking zone locations.

PaymentGeneral visitorsSport and Aquatic Centre visitorsSports Fields visitors


Charged per minute via CellOpark

$12.65 first hour

$6.30 per hour thereafter

$50.60 max daily

$1.50 per hour

$8.00 max daily

2 Hours free on Saturday and Sundays

1.50 per hour

Ticket machine

Charged per hour, on site

$12.65 first hour

$6.30 per hour thereafter

$50.60 max daily

Not applicable$1.50 per hour

Casual visitors who don’t wish to register for PAYG can use the traditional pay-and-display ticket machines available at several campus carparks.

Ticket machines accept gold coins, debit and credit cards. The valid ticket must be clearly displayed, printed side up, on the dashboard on the driver's side.

Sport and Aquatic Centre members

In order to register with the digital parking payment system and pay the discounted rate, members will need to complete the parking registration form.

After making contact to provide details, members will receive an email from our PAYG parking operator, CellOpark, with a link to register. Click on the link and follow the online registration instructions provided.

Members can also complete this process with Reception staff at the front desk of the Sport and Aquatic Centre.

Non-member casual visitors

For casual users of the pool, other facilities or to attend classes, the rate of $1.50 per hour will also be available. To receive this rate, do not use the ticket machines, please head straight to reception to pay for parking.

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