Parking at Macquarie

Parking at Macquarie

With over 4,500 parking spaces in a variety of carpark zones and with different fees and several payment options, Macquarie caters for drivers of all types: students, staff and visitors, by offering virtual permits, online/app casual parking plus traditional ticket machines.

You’ll find accessible parking spaces, free motorcycle and motor scooter parking areas as well as short-term, drop-off and pick up areas near the Sport and Aquatic Centre and childcare centres. Macquarie Hospital parking is managed separately, see here for details.

The University operates under a Restricted Parking Scheme and parking infringements apply to drivers using campus carparks without payment or contrary to the parking rules.

We’ve gone ticketless

Most parking in Macquarie University’s 14 campus carparks is via licence plate recognition technology, which means there’s no need to display a ticket or permit. Payment is made by credit card after registering via app/online for pay-as-you-go parking (PAYG) or, for those who visit the university to work or study regularly, a virtual permit (vPermit) is available to purchase online.

Casual visitors who don’t wish to register for PAYG can use the traditional pay-and-display ticket machines available at West 3 and West 5 carparks.

There are different parking rates for different users:

Students and staff have the choice of registering for PAYG using our provider, CellOpark, or purchasing a vPermit online (no need to sign up for both). There are several options for vPermits and rates are based on carpark zones, with more popular and conveniently located carparks costing slightly more.

PAYG parking for the Sport and Aquatic Centre is discounted for users who register a licence plate either at reception (casual visitors) or through their membership account.

Find a car space at Macquarie

Check online or using the app before leaving home or on-campus via signage as well as the live feed showing which carparks have availability:

It is an offence to use a device whilst driving a vehicle.

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