A Macquarie University benefit designed to make carpooling easy

Co-Hop Carpooling is a great way to share costs, interact with colleagues and reduce your carbon footprint. If you'd like to be a passenger or a driver and share commuting to or from work, then follow these easy steps:

  1. Register for Co-Hop using your university email address ( or
  2. Find out who is on your route to work
  3. Make contact in Co-Hop to arrange pick up/drop details with your buddy
  4. Try carpooling once a week to begin with to see how the routine establishes
  5. Decide on how to share costs, who drives and other considerations.

Benefits of Carpooling

Co-Hop’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to manage and find matching carpools and colleagues, save money and help protect the environment. Register today and find carpools in less than two minutes.

  • Save time - gain more personal time to spend with friends and family and take advantage of T2 and T3 lanes
  • Save money - car-pooling with just one person cuts increasing fuel costs by half
  • Peace of mind - sharing a ride relieves the stress of the daily traffic pain. Reduce the stress of your commute and arrive more relaxed
  • Join today - find matches within the University, or within the Macquarie Park and North Ryde precincts, you choose.

It's easy to get started, register today.

And if you carpool to Macquarie University not only do you save money and reduce your carbon emissions, but you can get PRIORITY PARKING on Campus.

CarpoolingIf you carpool to Campus in a vehicle with two or more persons, you are entitled to apply for a Carpool Parking Permit. This permit will allow you to park in priority carpooling locations on campus marked "Carpool - Special Permit". To find out the locations of carpooling spaces, consult the parking map


Applications for Carpool Parking Permits are processed in groups of at least two persons with one person acting as the primary applicant. To apply for a Carpool Parking Permit, simply:

  1. Fill in the Carpooling Application Form (Word Doc)
  2. Contact the Security Client Services Officer on 9850 7173 or email

Conditions of Use

  • A Carpool Parking Permit does not permit parking in the absence of a valid Macquarie University car parking permit
  • Carpool Parking Permits allow registered applicants to park within car parking spots marked "Carpool - Special Permit Only"
  • Carpool Parking Permits must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle for easy identification
  • Carpool Parking Permit holders are required to travel with a minimum of two persons in their vehicle when using a dedicated carpool parking area
  • Carpool Parking Permits are not transferable to another non-registered person or vehicle
  • Carpool Parking Permit holders may have their permit disqualified upon breaching any of these conditions of use.

Allocation of a Carpool Parking Permit does NOT guarantee a parking space

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