Cycling to and on campus

All pathways around campus are shared meaning pedestrians and cyclists use the same pathways. Please be respectful and give each other space. Common courtesy requires riders to:

  • give way to pedestrians
  • keep to the left
  • use your bell to warn others when you are approaching and passing
  • be careful around young children, older community members, and dogs as they can often be unpredictable in their movements (please note we have four childcare centres on campus, and retirement homes in our immediate vicinity)
  • travel at a safe speed.


Bicycles can gain access to campus via roadways and pedestrian paths:


  • Hadenfeld Ave, Link Road and Gymnasium Road, via Culloden Road
  • Research Park Drive via Talavera Road
  • Innovation Road and University Ave, via Herring Road
  • Balaclava Road, via Epping Road

Pedestrian paths (in addition to the above)

  • College Creek path, off Talavera Road
  • Campus Lake path, off Talavera Road
  • Herring Road Apartments, off Herring Road opposite Macquarie Centre
  • Robert Menzies College, off Herring Road

Cycling is a cheap, quick and healthy way to get to uni.

Why ride to campus?

By riding to campus, you will:

  • Maintain a healthy weight, become fitter and increase your life span.
  • Save lots of money on petrol and parking.
  • Not waste time searching for parking spaces.
  • Never be held up in traffic jams.
  • Burn up stress chemicals and produce serotonin equalling a more relaxed state of mind.
  • Have more opportunities to see and meet people in your local community.
  • Do your thing for the environment by reducing carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

Advice for new riders

Check your bike - Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order. Also check that your bicycle is correctly fitted for you. A good bicycle shop will be able to provide you with advice on this.

Start slow and enjoy riding at your own place - You don't have to be super-fit to ride a bike. Regular cycling will improve your fitness over time. Start slowly, do what feels comfortable and enjoy yourself. Cycling becomes a lot easier with practice and you'll be amazed how far you can travel on a bike.

Fees and regulations

It is FREE to park your bicycle on Campus.  Please ensure that you only use the designated areas for parking, and securely lock your bicycle up.  The security of your personal belongings is your own responsibility whilst on campus.

Macquarie University provides two secure lock-up facilities (BikeHubs) for riders, incorporating undercover and enclosed bike racks, two unisex showers, and lockers (locker fees at $25 / 6-month period - Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec). Access to the BikeHubs is free but an application must be approved to gain access.


Bicycle parking is available at the following locations: [A Bicycle Parking Area map (PDF) is also available]

LocationCapacity (bicycles)TypeUndercover
Eastern BikeHub (E7B)28Secure bike parking facility
Apply here 
Western BikeHub (W6A)28Secure bike parking facility
Apply here 
MUSE C7A (Wally's Walk)8Parking rail 
MUSE C7A (Undercroft)8Parking railY
Library C3C8Parking rail 
Library Forecourt8Parking rail 
Building C8A (Central Courtyard)8Parking railY
Wally's Walk (near E7A)10Parking rail 
E7B (Central Courtyard)8Parking rail 
E7B (Colonnade)24Parking railY
Eastern Road (near E5A)8Parking rail 
Building E4A8Parking rail 
Building E4A (Undercroft)12Parking railY
Building E3A8Parking rail 
F5A Carpark (lockers)12Bicycle lockers (require own padlock)Y
Building Y3A (Faculty of Arts)8Parking rail 
Building W6A (near BikeHub)6Parking rail 
Macquarie Theatre (W6B)6Parking rail 
Building W5A (Western Rd)6Parking rail 
MGSM (E12C)6Parking rail 
X8 Carpark6Parking rail 
Sport and Aquatic Centre10Parking rail 
Building Y6A12Secure parking enclosureY


There are a number of showers available across Campus, however, please note not all are in areas accessible to all staff and students.

Eastern BikeHub (2 unisex showers)Western BikeHub (2 unisex showers)
C5C Room 467E4A Room 405
E4A Room 605E6A Level 3 Toilets
E7A Room 820AE8A Basement
E11A Room 160X5B Levels 1 & 2
Y3A Levels 1 & 2W10A Sport & Aquatic Centre (charge for use)

Ryde Council Bicycle Advisory Committee

Macquarie University sits within the Ryde Council area. We hold a permanent seat on the Ryde Council Bicycle Advisory Committee, which advises Council on all matters relating to cycling in the City of Ryde.  If you have any items of interest or concerns relating to cycling within the Ryde Council area you wish the Committee to advise on, please contact

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