Cycling to campus

Cycling to campus

Cycling keeps you fit, saves money on petrol, tolls and parking, as well as reducing carbon emissions by not burning fossil fuels.

Which is the best route to take?

There are many different options depending on which direction you are coming from. The easiest way to plan your route is using Google Maps

Where can I park my bike?

  • BikeHubs (Eastern: E7B; Western: C3A/C5C)
  • Library C3C
  • Library C3C Forecourt
  • Building C8A (Central Courtyard)
  • Wally's Walk (near E7A)
  • E7B (Colonnade)
  • Eastern Road (near E5A)
  • Building E4A
  • F5A Carpark (bike lockers)
  • Building Y3A (main entrance & courtyard)
  • Macquarie Theatre (near W6B)
  • Building W5A (Western Road)
  • MGSM (Building E12C)
  • X8 Carpark
  • Sport & Aquatic Centre
  • Building Y3A
  • Incubator Building

More information (including map) available on website

Can I have a shower?

Showers are available in the Bike Hubs and the Sport & Aquatic Centre. There are a number of other showers on campus but not all are accessible by all staff and students.

Is there somewhere to fix my bike?

There is a bike repair station on Wally’s Walk between the Central Courtyard and Campus Common which provides:

  • Foot pump
  • Tyre levers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen key set
  • Wrenches

Is there a bike share scheme?

We have Reddy Go bikes here on campus. Keep an eye out for the bright red bikes, which feature 3-speed gears, a bell, light aluminium frame, airless tyres and solar powered lights. To use Reddy Go, download the mobile app.

Where can I meet other riders?

Connect with other cyclists on Campus at Bike Macquarie on FaceBook

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