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Student publication

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Grapeshot Magazine

Produced by students for students, Grapeshot Magazine is the primary channel of communication for students of Macquarie University.

Grapeshot captures the culture and development of student life in both on-campus and off-campus contexts. It is a lens for Macquarie students to look at themselves, the university and the world. On top of all, Grapeshot is also a platform for students to showcase their creative talents and stay connected with the student community.

Grapeshot Magazine is published monthly during semesters. It includes:

  • Feature stories of current interest to students and the world;
  • News reports and opinions mainly concerning the university campus and local communities;
  • Submissions, such as creative writing, essays, artworks and photographs submitted by students; and
  • Regulars, such as columns contributed by different groups on campus and activities in Sydney as well as reviews and a 'What's on' calendar.


Editor-in-Chief: Angela Heathcote
Deputy Editor: Amy Hadley
Features Editor: Yehuda Aharon
News Editor: Alicia Scott
Regulars Editor: Phillip Leason
Copy Editor: Amelia van der Rijt
Online Editor: Angus Dalton


Marketing Manager: Aura Lee
Advertising Manager: Ellen Barrett


Creative Directors: Paden Hunter & Caitlin Thom
Web Developer: Timo Jarvinen

Contact us

p | (02) 9850 7605
e |

or if you'd like to pay us a visit in person, our office is located in Student HQ, Level One, Campus Hub Building, C10A.

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