The Evolution of Re: Conception from 1969 to 2019

Friday 13th of September 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of the unrivalled annual University life celebration event held at Macquarie University, also attended by its pioneer alumnus Phil Gibbs (Bachelor of Arts 1977) from back in 1969. The organization of this years' event culminated into a successful display of collaboration and inclusivity owing to the professionalism, commitment and and tireless efforts of teams across the University: Student Life, the Australian Hearing Hub, Campus Security, Risk and Assurance, Student Wellbeing, the Events team, the Student Representative Council, student groups and the Macquarie Mentors and Buddies, among many others.

The Impact was the attendance of just under 5,000 students, with majority being the international student cohort who added to the mingling diversity of culture and experience.

Witnessing the confluence of Macquarie University's students, staff, alumni and friends in this fun, inclusive and engaging 50-year-old celebratory tradition, presented an appreciation for and pride in the support & collaboration that made this event an enjoyable success. A special thanks to all the staff who helped us create a safe and successful event.

Much appreciation to the Student Representative Council (SRC) for their large contribution towards this event, to IGLU for sponsoring the fireworks, to Redbull, Pepsi and Nova 96.9 for co-sponsoring the event activations, to DFP Productions who engaged the best artist line -up yet featuring; Illy, KLP & Sammi Constantine, and Consequently, to all the patrons who attended and made it happen.

A special thanks to Campus life team- Peter & Keryn.

Should you have any concerns or recommendations, you're welcome to send your feedback to

Re:Conception is proudly sponsored by: IGLU, NOVA 96.9 and PEPSI. A special thanks to IGLU for sponsoring the Fireworks!

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