Buddy Program

Buddy Program

Buddy Program

Need help, buddy?

The Macquarie University Buddy Program provides students with support and a point of contact to assist their transition into Macquarie University.

It delivers ongoing social and geographic support to students through peer relationships. Supported by a group of Buddy Team Leaders, the Buddies act as a peer support network to provide new and ongoing students with a safe and supportive environment.

Buddies are a group of support network that act as a transition agent to new international and local students. They facilitate events to allow the students to make new friends, learn to navigate Sydney, create fun memories, learn Australian culture and develop communication skills. Moreover, buddies are an integral part for new international students to guide and support their time at Macquarie University and Sydney.

There are many events that happen throughout the semester which includes airport pickups, campus tours, sightseeing and local tours and many more social events and activities.

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Supported by a group of Buddy Team Leaders, as a Buddy you will be responsible for providing students with a safe and supportive environment. You will get the opportunity to help the students by:

  • Teaching them about the Australian culture
  • Providing handy tips on how to navigate Sydney
  • Facilitating opportunities for students to feel welcome at Macquarie University and connect with each other

You not only get to share your well gathered knowledge on Australia, but  you will also be involved in meeting students at the airport, participating in formal and informal events, activities and trips on and off campus throughout the semester.

The Buddy Program is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. The time commitment that is required for the Buddy Program is 20 hours during the orientation and semester. This is made up of a series of compulsory events and extra participation events such as O-week stall and marketing opportunities.

As a Buddy, you will need to have the skills and to take the time to develop a positive relationship with the students to encourage open communication. This relationship should be thoughtful, non-judgemental, respectful and consistent with the core values of Campus Life.

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills, meet new people and have some fun, then the Buddy Program is for you! Recruitment takes place at the beginning of each semester. To apply, simply email buddies@mq.edu.au

Contact us

p | (02) 9850 1108
e | buddies@mq.edu.au

or pop into the Student Engagement office, located Level Three, 18 Wally's Walk.

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