Social competition FAQs

Social competition FAQs

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Q: When does the next competition begin?

Competitions run all year round in the following months:

  • Semester 1: March - June
  • Mid-Year: June - August
  • Semester 2: August - November
  • Summer: November - February

Information on current competition dates.

Q: How do I register?

All registrations are now online through Fusesport. Please click here to register.

Q: Can I participate in social sport if I do not have a team?

Yes, we will put you in a team comprising of other individual registrations. If you would like to be put in the same team as a friend simply note this on your individual registration form.

Q: What sports are on offer?

Macquarie University offers a range of sports depending on the session and season. Some of the sports include Basketball, Futsal, Netball, Fast5 Netball, Touch Footy, Tennis and Football.

Q: What are the maximum number of players I can have on my team and what the on field requirements?

This is dependent on the type of sport.

Minimum /Maximum Player Requirements: Netball 7/12; Netball Fast5 5/10; Touch Footy 6/12; Basketball 5/10; Football 7/12; Futsal 5/10

*Mixed Netball: Maximum of three (3) males on court at all times; one (1) per third.
*Netball Fast5: Maximum of two (2) males on court at all times; one (1) per third.
*Mixed Competitions (Football, Touch): Minimum of two (2) females on the field at all times.
*Open Competitions (Futsal, Basketball, Indoor Cricket): No maximum or minimum number of males/females.

Player requirements

Q: Do you need to be a Macquarie University student or staff to compete?

No, Macquarie University social sport competitions are open to everyone.  We welcome the general community or corporate teams to come and participate as well.

Q: What skill level are the competitions?

Our competitions are open to all participants regardless of the skill ability. Some sports offer different divisions for teams with more experience.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement?

All social sport competitors must be at least 16 years of age.

More about the competition

Q: Where are the social sport competitions located?

All outdoor sports are located at the Macquarie University Sport Fields. Indoor Sports are located at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre.

Q: Where do I find the draw for my competition?

The current draw for each competition can be found here.

Q: What is required by teams when arriving for games?

All teams are required before their scheduled game each night to sign in with the casual sport administrator.

Q: What is your policy on inclement weather?

During inclement weather, the competition administrative staff or official at the site can cancel games. We will make every reasonable effort to inform teams of cancellations, such as utilising e-mail, the Website or the wet-weather hotline (02 9850 9488). In some cases we will call team captains, though due to the number of teams playing per night this is not always possible. It is a team captain's responsibility to let their team members know of the cancellations.

Do not assume the game will be cancelled, as weather is very unpredictable. Outdoor competitions allow one extra week for wet-weather games if games are cancelled during the regular season. Other cancelled games will not be rescheduled and will result in a draw.

Becoming a sport official

Q: How do I become a social sport administrator or social sport official (referee or umpires)?

Please send through your resume with the position you would like to apply for to

More questions?

Can’t find what you were looking for? Call (02) 9850 4206, email or fill out our form.

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