Flexible study options

Flexible study options

Kiera Austin

Macquarie University prides itself on providing the necessary flexibility to elite student-athletes allowing them to achieve their athletic and academic goals. There are many networks that are able to assist you with information, personnel, and resources.

Cross-Institutional Study
Cross-institutional study is for students currently admitted to an undergraduate or postgraduate award at another Australian higher education provider, and who wish to undertake nominated Macquarie units which will count towards that particular award at their home institution within Australia.

Entry Schemes and Pathways
Obtaining the required ATAR score is not the only pathway to Macquarie University. Find out more information about our Entry Schemes and Pathways.

Concurrent Unit Studies
Concurrent studies are for students currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at Macquarie University and would like to concurrently undertake unit/s at another Australian university to count towards the requirements for the Macquarie degree.

Student Exchange
Are you wishing to travel and add a global perspective to your degree? Student Exchange could be your path to studying overseas.

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