Sport scholarships

Sport scholarships

Sport Scholars 2018

2019 Sports Scholarship and Elite Athlete Performers Scheme

Applications for Sport Scholarships and EAAP (additional points due to adjustment factors) are open.

Please note: this is also your joint application for 2019 Sport Scholarship. To apply please click the Elite Athlete and Performers Entry Scheme icon on the bottom right.

We support elite athletes either entering or continuing a course at Macquarie University. The program is focused on assisting athletes in their desire to combine high performance sport involvement with a tertiary education.

Macquarie University is a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) network, which means that our sport scholars have access to a high level of support to assist in achieving sporting and academic success during their time at university.

In 2018, Macquarie University offered elite athlete support to 195 students either entering or continuing a course at the University. A total 130 National and State level athletes were awarded Macquarie University 'Elite' or 'Emerging' Sport Scholarships.

Our Macquarie University Sport Scholarships exhibit a diverse range of sports, including Sailing, Equestrian, Martial Arts, Wakeboarding and Floorball, as well as a number of full time professional sports.

We understand the challenges students face in pursuing both academic and sporting goals simultaneously, and the Sport Scholarship program provides students with the tools and support services to balance success in both areas.

Interested in elite student athlete support?

If you are an elite student athlete on campus however currently not a member of our Sport Scholar/ Elite Student athlete program please email

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