The ultimate sporting glory and bragging rights – who will win in 2020?

As per tradition, Macquarie University Sport hosts Dunmore Lang College (DLC), Macquarie University Village (MUV) and Robert Menzies College (RMC) in a variety of sporting challenges throughout semester.

If you reside at any one of Dunmore Lang College (DLC), Macquarie University Village (MUV) and Robert Menzies College (RMC) and are interested in participating in the Intercollege Challenge or want updates on where your college currently stands, make sure you read through the news and events, the 2019 intercollege event schedule, the current points table and information on how to get involved.


Each year Dunmore Lang College (DLC), Macquarie University Village (MUV) and Robert Menzies College (RMC) compete for the title of the best sporting college via the Intercollege Challenge.

Events are held on a monthly basis throughout semester, with Sport Representatives from each respective college, organising the teams.

All indoor events are held at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre, Gymnasium Road. Outdoor events are played at Macquarie University Sports Fields, corner Talavera and Culloden Road.

Intercollege Event Schedule

See below the schedule of events for 2020.



Sunday15 March 20201pm - 4pm

Soccer (Football)

Sunday5 April 20201pm - 4pm


Sunday10 May 20201pm - 4pm


Sunday31 May 20201pm - 4pm


Sunday9 August 20201pm - 4pm
European  HandballSunday30 August 20201pm - 4pm

Touch Football

Sunday18 October 20201pm - 4pm

Current Intercollege Competition Table

Below is the current Intercollege Competition table, detailing how many points were accrued across the events that have already taken place.

2019 Intercollege Competition Points Table

SportDunmore Lang College (DLC)Macquarie University Village (MUV)Robert Menzies College (RMC)



Soccer ( Football)





European Handball   

Touch Football




Overall Points Tally


How the Point System Works

EventPoints Accrued
Touch Football,  

3-2-1 system:

  • 3 points = Win
  • 2 points = Draw
  • 1 point = Loss
  • 0 points = Forfeit/Disqualification/No Show

How to Get Involved with Intercollege Sport

If you're interested in getting involved with the Intercollege challenge, make sure you first read through the Sport Representatives Manual.

Following that, if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via the information in the 'Contact Us' section of this page.

LGBTQI participation in Sport

In 2019 Macquarie University Sport became a key partner of the Pride in Sport program committing to further develop and enhance LGBTIQ participation across all Campus Life Sport and Recreation departments. See the media release here

Macquarie University Sport is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for students, staff and community members with diverse sexualities and genders. We aim to foster safe sporting environments for all of our participants including staff, officials, volunteers, athletes, club members, spectators and their families.

Macquarie University sport have a zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying/harassment/vilification of people with diverse sexuality and/or gender. Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Interphobia is not accepted within our sport programs and activities.

There are university support services and teams in place for any person who has been the target of homophobic, transphobic, biphobic or interphobic bullying and harassment, and/or and vilification while participating in sport and recreation activities with Macquarie University Sport. We also have LGBTQI Ally’s amongst our staff team who can be contacted for support and guidance.

Contacts and Support services

Sport Ally team contact details

Campus Wellbeing

Student Diversity and Inclusion

Resources and Guides for Sport Inclusion

Sport Australia website

Guidelines for the Inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in Sport

ACON website 

Language Guide: Transgender and gender diverse inclusion

Macquarie University Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Further information

Macquarie University Sport is currently developing an LGBTQI Inclusion policy that will be released in 2020, for any further information please contact:

Contact Us About Intercollege Sport

Have a question or query you feel hasn’t been answered? Would you like to know more? Contact us on 9850 6587, send your enquiry to this page or email Need an answer right away? Why not try the LiveChat feature in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We have a representative on standby ready and willing to help!

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