The ultimate sporting glory and bragging rights – who will win 2017?

Each year, Dunmore Lang College (DLC), Macquarie University Village (MUV) and Robert Menzies College (RMC) compete for the title of the best sporting college. Events are held on a monthly basis, with Sport Representatives from each college organising the teams.

All indoor events are held at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre, Gymnasium Road. Outdoor events are played at Macquarie University Sports Fields, corner Talavera and Culloden Road.

SportEvent DateDayTimeWet Weather DateResults
Dunmore Lang CollegeRobert Menzies CollegeMacquarie University Village
Pool Party20 FebMonday5pm - 7pmTBA   
Volleyball 5 MarSunday1.30pm - 5pm   12 Mar1086
Ultimate Frisbee19 MarSunday2pm - 6pm26 Mar1192
Netball9 AprilSunday1pm - 4pmN/A1086
Football14 MaySunday12pm - 4pmTBA1086
Courtyard Challenge9 AugWednesday11.45am - 2pm     TBA983
North Ryde Fun Run27 AugSunday9am - 2pmTBA8101
Touch Footy10 SepSunday11am - 2pmN/A1191
Basketball15 OctSunday1pm - 5pmN/A   
Dodgeball29 OctSunday2pm - 6pmTBA   
OVERALL TALLY    69 Points   60 Points       25 Points

Interview with Hannah Stephens


Hannah is a current staff member and former resident of Robert Menzies College.

1. What is your role with your college?

Residential Advisor (RA).

2. How do you balance your studies with your college commitments?

I had to finally learn how to be organised and how to structure my time and make sure I found as much use for each hour of the day as I could. The college is very supportive of university studies coming first though, so even in heavy workload periods, I've found balancing both manageable.

3. How did you find out about the inter-college events?

The college enthusiastically promotes inter-college sporting events in person and on social media so that was how I first heard about it.

4. What have you enjoyed about the events?

The friendly rivalry and social atmosphere at each event - it isn't just a fierce competition, it's also a fun day to catch up and get to know people from other colleges.

5. What would you say to any college residents thinking of playing?

Play the sports you don't think you'll be good at, because it's going to be a rare opportunity to be part of a competitive but fun team regardless of whether or not you are the best at particular sports.

Interview with Stuart Kempson


Stuart is a former resident of Dunmore Lang College.

1. What was your role with your College? I was a Resident Advisor at Dunmore Lang for 2 years. During my time there I also held positions as a Committee Head and Maintenance Officer.

2. How did you balance your studies with Inter-College events? I liked to use the Inter-College events as an opportunity to have a break from my studies. Given that the dates for events are planned early in the year, I was able to make time to attend. Events are also well planned to finish prior to exam period in each semester, giving me time to focus on my studies.

3. How did you find out about the Inter-College events? The Inter-College events were well advertised within the Dunmore Lang community, facilitated by our Sports Committee. They let everyone at DLC know when and where to be, ensuring we always had plenty of participants and supporters to all events. Information was also available on the MQ website as well as an updated points tally for the year.

4. What have you enjoyed about the events? I enjoyed being able to play in a variety of sports within a competitive but enjoyable environment. I was able to take pride in representing DLC, helping them to win the Inter-College Sport Shield in all 3 years of my residency. The events also gave me an opportunity to meet people from other colleges and enjoy a couple of sausage sangas after competition.

5. What would you say to any College residents thinking of playing? I would strongly encourage all College residence to participate in Inter-College Sport events either as a competitor or as a spectator. It’s a great way to show off your College spirit, enjoy some physical activity and meet new people all at the same time.


Read the Sport Representatives Manual. Call (02) 9850 9480, email or fill out our form.

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