Sport clubs

Sport clubs

Join the club. Learn a new sport, become a MacWarrior or just have fun

The easiest way to play sport or get fit is to join one of Macquarie University's sporting clubs or one of our ‘Learn Courses’.

For those with a competitive streak, joining a club can enable you to compete in different levels of competition – from local, regional and state level competitions all the way to national inter-university championships.

Even if you’re not into competition, joining a club means you can get together with like-minded athletes and just have fun. From rowing competitions to scuba diving adventures, being active together is always a good idea.

Learn Courses - Fencing

Fencing is the martial art of fighting with blades and divided into different categories depending on weapon being used. A popular course with structured training, participants will learn the foundation technique, skills, strategy and rules of modern competitive fencing using the Foil via electric and non-electric means. Participants will learn footwork, defence and attack techniques as well as bouting etiquette and rules of competition.

Course details

Dates Running:

Friday: 16, 23 March; 6, 13, 20 April 2018


7pm - 8.30pm

Course length:

5 Weeks


Recreation Hall, Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre


2018 Fees





Registrations & Payment: Registrations will be live on this website at 9am Monday 12th February and will close at 5pm Monday 5th March 2018. To register, click here.

Learn Courses - Squash

Invented in England in 1830, squash is now played by more than 30 million people around the world. This course is designed for new players interested in learning the basics of squash and for social players keen to improve their technique. Taught by experienced coach Dominic Ratcliffe learn all the fundamentals including forehand and backhand strokes, serve and volleying, movement on the court as well as playing games to put it all together.

Course details

Dates running:

Course 1. Tuesday: 13, 20, 27 March; 3, 10, 17 April 2018

Course 2. Saturday: 17, 24, 31 March; 7, 14, 21 April 2018

Course 3. Tuesday: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 May; 5 June 2018

Course 4. Saturday: 5, 12, 19, 26 May; 2, 9 June 2018


Course 1. 7pm - 8pm

Course 2. 10am - 11am

Course 3. 7pm - 8pm

Course 4. 10am - 11am

Course length:

6 weeks per course


Squash Courts, Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre

Membership type:

2018 Fees



$60.00 per course

$80.00 per course

Registrations & Payment:Registrations will be live on this website at 9am Monday 12th February and will close at 5pm Monday 5th March 2018. To register, click here.

Learn Courses - Volleyball

The course will teach players the five basic volleyball skills of setting, digging, serving, spiking and blocking. Players will receive individualised feedback throughout sessions, and will learn to recognise correct and safe volleyball techniques. Players will be able to practice these skills and techniques in various controlled exercises and apply them in attack, defence and serve receive systems. At the completion of this course, players should feel confident to apply their skills in future training, games and competitions.

Course details

Dates running:

Monday: 12, 19, 26 March; 2, 9, 16 April 2018


2.30pm - 4pm

Course length:

6 weeks


Recreation Hall, Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre

Membership type:

2018 Fees





Registrations & Payment:Registrations will be live on this website at 9am Monday 12th February and will close at 5pm Monday 5th March 2018. To register, click here.

AFL Club

The Macquarie University Australian Football Club competes in the AFL Sydney competition, with teams featuring in the men's and women's competitions.

Cheerleading Club

The Macquarie University Cheerleading Club has several teams that are highly competitive in their divisions and compete at several events across Australia.

Cricket Club

The Macquarie University Cricket Club has eight teams playing across Sydney. The club welcomes all players who wish to play high standard, competitive cricket.

Dance Club

The Macquarie University Dance Club specialises in many dance styles, including pom, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary and sideline cheerleading. The club welcomes dancers of all dance styles, skill levels and backgrounds.

Fencing Club

Two weapons (foil and épée) are predominately fenced at the Macquarie University’s Fencing Club. The club’s fencers range from complete novices to national champions, and new members of all experience levels are welcome.

Hockey Club

If you're looking to combine your hockey skills with fun and friendship, then the Macquarie University Hockey Club is for you. Get fit and be part of a winning and friendly club.

Macquanauts Club

If you’re interested in affordable scuba diving, join the Macquarie University Macquanauts Club. The club offers dive courses and scuba diving lessons for all diver levels. Step into the underwater world and become a certified scuba diver.

MacAlpine Ski Club

If you’re a die-hard powder junkie or just enjoy being on the slopes, the Macquarie University MacAlpine Ski Club would love to hear from you.

Quidditch Club

The game Quidditch is a unique mixed gender sport, based on the sport of the same name in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series but adapted to be played without magic! The Macquarie University Quidditch Club creates a diverse and dynamic environment for players to have fun and enjoy quidditch.

Rowing Club

The mission of the Macquarie University Rowing Club is to provide a fun and spirited environment in which to support and develop members to reach their sporting goals.

Rugby League Club

The Macquarie University Rugby League Club is looking to re-form in 2017 after a 10-year hiatus. The team will play in the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League competition against other universities, with training starting in February and the season starting in April.

Rugby Football Club

The Macquarie University Rugby Football Club is one of the oldest sporting clubs on campus and prides itself on being a competitive force on the field, while maintaining a friendly and social atmosphere to enjoy the game.

Soccer Club

The Macquarie University Soccer Club boasts an impressive and ever-expanding membership base that welcomes players of all standards and from all backgrounds.

Squash Club

Are you looking for a fun, low cost way to improve fitness and coordination? Then the Macquarie University Squash Club is the place for you.

Swimming Club

The Macquarie University Swimming Club is a combination of national, university, age development, junior and emerging squads.

Table Tennis Club

The Macquarie University Table Tennis Club trains at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre’s Recreation Hall and provides coaching as well as the opportunity to represent Macquarie University.

The current fees are:

Student Membership - $100 for 12 months, $60 for 6 months

Alumni Membership - $175 for 12 months

Community Membership - $200 for 12 months

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting, non-contact team sport played by two seven-person teams and combines the best parts of soccer, American football, basketball and netball to produce a sport that is simple yet demanding. The Macquarie University Ultimate Frisbee Club caters for beginners and experienced players.

Volleyball Club

The Macquarie University Volleyball Club has recently formed in Session 2 2017 and welcomes all new members with open arms! The club aims to encourage and facilitate the development of volleyball skills in a fun, fair and enjoyable learning environment, focusing on both social and competition.

Water Polo Club

The Macquarie University Water Polo Club is an exciting sport and social club where former and current students have the opportunity to learn more about water polo and represent Macquarie University.


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