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Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre would like to make the administration process as easy as possible for our Sport Club Executive. Here you will find links to our most recent club-related forms and documents.

For more information on any of our Sport Clubs or the forms below, please contact Elysha O'Neill, Sport Club and College Sport Coordinator on (02) 9850 6587 or email


The administration process for organising and ensuring the Sport Clubs run and operate smoothly can be an arduous one. As such, at Macquarie University Sport, we want to ensure we make this process as easy as possible for Sport Club Executive.

Below you will find a series of links to assist you in ensuring your Sport Club has access to up-to-date guidelines, forms, re-affiliation and the Sport Club finance system, MacPay.

Sport Club Guidelines:

If you are a Sport Club Executive, please make sure you read through and are aware of the information in the following links. As a Sport Club Executive, it is expected you are across this information:

Sport Club Forms:

Naturally, as is the case with any club, comes paperwork. As the your nominated Sport Club Executive, you may require access to any of these forms. Please read through carefully and use when applicable and as advised.

Sport Clubs Activity/Event or Trip Intention Plan

This information must be collated by clubs prior to the commencement of any activity, event, function or trip being run by a club that has not previously recorded with the Sport Clubs and Alumni Officer (ie. official club training sessions, competitions or meetings that have previously been sanctioned).

This online form must be:
- Completed at least seven days before the event date.
- Followed up with a phone call to the Sport Clubs Coordinator to ensure it has been received - 9850 7636
- Printed and carried by activity leaders

Access the Sport Clubs Activity / Event or Trip Intention Plan form here

Sport Clubs Affiliation Agreement Form

All Sport Clubs need to affiliate in January each year. The "Student Clubs affiliation agreement" form is to be completed by two Club Executives on behalf of their club. It can be filled in online in the club executives have digital signatures, alternatively it can be printed, signed and scanned so it can be uploaded as part of the clubs affiliation process.

Access the Sport Clubs Affiliation Agreement form here

Sport Fields Booking Form

This form is to be used when booking Macquarie University facilities including venues and BBQ hire at the Macquarie University Sport Fields.

Access the Sport Fields Booking form here

Sport and Aquatic Centre Booking Form

This form is to be used when booking Macquarie University facilities including venues and BBQ hire at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre.

Access the Sport and Aquatic Centre booking form here

Change of Authorized Representative Form

These forms must be completed by the club executive when new members join the committee.

Access change of Authorized Representative form here

Sport Clubs Insurance Form

This form must be completed by claimants within 30 days of the incident occurring. Claimant must be a Sport Club member at the time of the incident occurring and the form should be emailed through to

Access Sport Clubs Insurance form here

Refund Request Form

This is to be used for Club members who are requesting a refund. Clubs need to approve the refund in writing to Macquarie University Sport before any refund will be processed. All refund requests need to be completed via the online form.

Access Refund Request from here

Donations Form

This form is to be used for those wanting to make a donation towards a Macquarie University Sport Club.

Access Donations form here

Sponsorship Form

The Sponsorship Agreement Form is a contractual agreement between U@MQ (Campus Life) on behalf of the Sport Club and the sponsor. Please provide a draft copy of the agreement to the Sport Club Coordinator for review prior to having it signed by the sponsor.

Access Sponsorship Agreement form here


MacPay is the student groups and Sport Clubs finance system. Each club is allocated an NAB bank account, which they can use to collect income and pay club expenses. Full details and all required forms can be found at the MacPay website page.

Sport Club Re-Affiliation Process:

All Macquarie University Sport Clubs must re-affiliate each year. It is a step by step process through MacSync, and involves a combined effort from all Club Executive to complete.

The following information is required from Sport Clubs to re-affiliate for 2020:

  1. General Sport Club Information
  2. 2019 Reflection
  3. Membership Numbers and Targets (2020)
  4. Membership Types, Costs and Dates (2020)
  5. Club Executive Details
  6. Sport Club Affiliation Agreement
  7. Sport Club Constitution
  8. AGM Minutes
  9. Insurance Information
  10. Club Coach Information
  11. Financial Information
  12. Fundraisers and Donations
  13. Major Club Events (2020)
  14. University Events Attended (2019)

Start the online re-affiliation process now

Contact Us About Sport Clubs:

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