Pool rules

Pool rules

Pool Rules of Macquarie University Sport

Members and guests at Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre are advised to comply with the following rules at all times when swimming. The guidelines have been designed to give all swimmers an enjoyable experience.

Pool Rules:

  1. Please swim on the left hand side of the lane at all times
  2. Lap lanes are for continuous lap swimming, please use 'recreational' lanes for any other types of activities including water jogging. A walk lane will be available till 12pm (Monday - Friday)
  3. Select a lane based on your ability and the stroke(s) you intend to swim during your visit (slow, medium or fast)
  4. Please do not swim across lanes, hang onto or sit on the lane ropes
  5. Please do not stand in the middle of the lane at the end of the pool, this allows room for other swimmers to turn. Stay in corners of lane until ready to go again
  6. Please be aware of other swimmers around you and allow faster swimmers to pass
  7. Please do not enter Swim School, Aqua Fitness or Squad Training lanes unless you are a part of the group undertaking those activities
  8. We have kickboards, noodles, hand foam bars and pull buoys available for your use. If you need equipment please ask. Do not collect on your own
  9. No goggles will be handed out for use due to hygiene issues
  10. If you are not a strong swimmer, consider trying one of our 'Learn to Swim' classes before starting your swimming program
  11. If you have any concerns or feedback please speak to one of our lifeguards or fill out a feedback form that are located around the Centre.

Please assist us by listening to lifeguards, they are here to make sure all patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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