Class timetable - are run all year round including school holidays, with the exception of public holidays and a two week break over the Christmas period.

Price - the cost is $30 direct debit per fortnight. The debits occur according to the 2015 billing calendar which you will be given when you sign up for classes. Direct debit payments are adjusted for public holidays and centre closures.

Discounts - a 20% discount applies for the third child and/or if this is a second class for your child (eg they attend swim school or gymnastics also). Multi-member discounts of 20% also apply if you have a child/children in several programs at the centre.

Trial classes - every child gets one free trial class. Please fill out a pre-exercise questionnaire when you come to attend this class. Once the trial class is completed please see the BTM administrator on the way out and confirm your booking in that class for the following week.  At this time please complete a membership form and a direct debit form. These will be provided for you by the BTM administrator.

What to bring - Water Bottles and towels and a ready to have fun attitude.

Designated meeting area - this is the BTM meet and greet desk in front of the Courtyard Studio where the BTM classes are held.

Drop off and collection - please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class and sign your child in. You must return promptly before the advertised class finish time to sign your child out and collect them. A late fee may be charged for any children not collected 5 minutes after the class finishes. You must remain in the centre whilst your child is attending the class.

Toilet breaks - please take your child to the toilet immediately before every class.  No toilet break will be given. In an emergency the BTM administrator can take your child to the toilet and return them to class afterward.

Qualifications - all Born to Move instructors are fully qualified to teach this program. Most instructors also have a Certificate III and IV in Fitness. Some have other higher level qualifications.

First Aid - all BTM instructors are fully qualified in first aid and CPR. The first aid kit is kept near reception in the first aid room and should your child require any medical assistance the Duty Manager will be contacted by two-way radio immediately to deal with the situation.

Bookings - can be made only seven days in advance of the class. For example, if a parent wishes to book a child into a class on a Tuesday, they need to make that booking the Tuesday prior to the date they wish to commence the class.

Classes - a child cannot book in and attend a class once it has commenced. They can book into the next available class.

Cancellation - after a minimum 12 weeks (6 fortnightly debits) have been completed, members can choose to cancel with 15 days notice. A cancellation form must be completed in person and submitted to the BTM Administrator.

Make-up lessons - there are no make-up lessons available for this program.

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