Warrior Web Member Portal

Warrior Web Member Portal

Manage Your Membership on Your Terms

The Macqaurie University Sport members' portal 'WarriorWeb' allows members to manage their membership experience on their terms. Whether it's making bookings or simply updating your contact or payment information, WarriorWeb gives you control over your membership.

Click through to the information below to see what features you can access on WarriorWeb, as well as information on how to activate your account.

Features of Warrior Web Members' Portal:

Your WarriorWeb Members' Portal allows you to manage the following aspects of your membership experience:

  • Book into group fitness classes
  • Book into small group training sessions
  • Book our courts
  • View and enroll into any of the upcoming fitness programs
  • View your Visit Pass expiry date and how many visits you have remaining
  • Update your contact details
  • Pay account arrears
  • Manage your membership including submitting suspensions
  • File for health fund receipts
  • Purchase MacWarrior branded merchandise

How to activate your Warrior Web account:

Want to activate your WarriorWeb account? It's as simple as following the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Member portal login page.
  2. Click on the Link - 'Forgot Username/password'
  3. Enter your email address as the username (Note: if you have not provided your email address to us previously you will need to contact our Member Engagement Team on (02) 9850 7636)
  4. Click on 'Retrieve password'
  5. Your verification password will be instantly emailed to you. (Note: Watch out for this email in your SPAM folder).
  6. Enter your verification password from the email received and you will be prompted to select a new password.
  7. Enjoy managing your membership experience with WarriorWeb!

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