Membership Options

Membership Options

Choose the membership option that best suits you!

Macquarie University Sport provides a variety of membership options, each with their own inclusions and at varying, cost-effective prices. Check out the information below to see which membership suits you best!

Membership Inclusions*:

Macquarie University Sport direct debit memberships are no lock-in contracts, meaning you can cancel at any time - just provide 15-days notice - but why cancel, when you can suspend? You have 84-days throughout the year to use!

Health refund receipts are also available, just fill out the general enquiry form.

*Inclusions subject to Macquarie University Sport Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Options:

Membership TypeEligibilityOptionsJoin
  • Membership for current Macquarie University students.
  • A valid Student ID must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Direct Debit (no minimum term)
  • 4-month term


  • Membership for graduates of Macquarie University.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Direct Debit (no minimum term)


  • Open to all members of the local community.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Direct Debit (no minimum term)
  • 6-month term


  • Membership type is available to seniors or disability concession card holders.
  • Concession card must be present at time of purchase.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Direct Debit (no minimum term)


  • Membership for staff members of Macquarie University.
  • A valid Staff card must be provided at the time of purchase.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Direct Debit (no minimum term)
  • Salary Sacrifice (full-time employees only)

Macquarie University Partner

  • Membership type is available to Cochlear, Hearing Hub and Macquarie University Hospital staff.
  • Staff ID must be present at time of purchase.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Direct Debit (no minimum term)


  • Macquarie University Sport offers ‘company pays’ Corporate Membership options.
  • Existing relationships with a number of companies with the local community have already been established.
  • Joining Fee applies.
  • Company Pays
  • Bulk Payments

Membership Fees:

Membership Joining Fees2019

Macquarie University Student


Non-Macquarie University Student


4 Month Membership2019

Macquarie University Student


12 Month Membership32019

Macquarie University Student








Direct Debit2019

Macquarie University Student

$30.50 p/fortnight

Alumni/Staff, Staff Salary Sacrifice and Macquarie University Partner

$35.30 p/fortnight

Concession (Seniors & Disability Card and Students of other Universities only)

$40.00 p/fortnight


$50.00 p/fortnight


$40.00 p/fortnight


No longer offered

Existing member

$32.40 p/fortnight


New membership:

$40.00 p/fortnight

Existing member: Pays standard membership fee

ELC 10 Week Membership (Student)

(Direct debit not available)


For more information on our fees and charges, click through to the fees and charges page.

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Membership Terms and Conditions:

Macquarie University Sport terms and conditions for membership can be accessed here.

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