Small Group Training FAQ

Small Group Training FAQ

Why does it work?

  • Time efficient: Research shows that exercising in a group environment will maximise your workout efficiency. Small Group Training classes run for 45 minutes with your choice of morning, lunchtime or evening sessions.
  • Teamwork: Every person in your group is aiming to reach similar goals to you.  Working together as a team will inspire you to train to the best of your ability.
  • Cost effective: Training in a small group reduces the cost and makes an affordable and attractive alternative. Classes are available from under $7.00 per session!*
  • Training quality: With Small Group Training, you receive the same high quality level of training as you would in a one-on-one session. Experienced trainers are able to execute a well-designed program that is adaptable to meet the needs of each member of the group.
  • Level of commitment and motivation: When a group of like-minded people are working hard to achieve their goals and having fun, there's an abundance of positive energy. So rather than forcing yourself to train alone, you can look forward to the social and challenging environment Small Group Training sessions provide!
  • Support: When training in a small group, you have a guaranteed support network. Support is an integral component for success in seeing results with any fitness or weight loss program.
  • Variety: The variety of training options is significantly greater in a small group, including TRX, kettle bells and partner work under highly qualified supervision.
  • Results: Group personal training will get you results! The programs are structured to improve your level of fitness, reduce body fat and increase strength and flexibility.

*Based on student membership fees

Why should I try Small Group Training?

Why not? You simply can't lose when you have a professional trainer and small group on your side! If you want to gain strength, lose inches and/or see an increase in your energy, Small Group Training is the perfect fit for you.

Whether you're learning strength and cardiovascular training for the first time or taking your workouts to the next level, our trainers will get you where you want to be.

How do I get started?

Firstly, we will arrange a meeting between you and one of the Health Club staff to discuss your goals. This will help us find the most suitable trainer for you.  

You will then be allocated to a small group according to your availability. There is also the option to alternate between trainers to add even more variety to your training sessions.

If you already know who you want to train with, we'll try to book you in for sessions with that trainer. We can also personalise groups if you have some family members, friends or colleagues who would like to sign up with you.

Can I still do one-on-one training?

Sure! You just need to sign up to our individual personal training program. Get all the fitness benefits of Small Group Training, with the added bonus of having a personalised training program to suit your needs. We'll match you up with one of our experienced trainers so you'll be on your way to achieving your goals in no time! Speak to our Health Club staff for more information.

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