Small Group Training

Small Group Training

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Small group, big goals. Get a high dose of fitness and fun in one training session!

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Small Group Training is a range of 20-minute training sessions with a Personal Trainer, delivered to a group spanning from 4-25 people. No workout will ever be the same—except for the benefit of a trainer overseeing your entire workout, ensuring you are working to your limits while doing so safely. Training sessions vary in intensity from low to high and fit neatly into any lunch break.

At Macquarie University Sport we currently offer 5 different Small Group Training options via Zoom, which are an inclusion for members and do not involve any additional costs.

If you're interested in knowing more about the Personal Trainers who deliver our Small Group Training sessions, make sure you click through to view our PT profiles.

Current 'Work From Home' Small Group Training Timetable

Click here to see our new 'Work from Home' SGT Timetable - live as of Monday 4th May!

We will publish each workout the evening prior via our Instagram story (@mqhealthclub) so you know what to expect and we can let you know if you need any 'at home' equipment for the workout!

Intensity description

Wondering just how tough your Small Group Training session will be? Check out the information below detailing what each level of intensity means

Low Intensity

These sessions will get your body warm. Working with minimal equipment, your body is the primary tool to leave you feeling supple, lean, and reinvigorated.

Moderate Intensity

These sessions will push you within your comfort zone. You control your output and get out what you put in. Get hot, get sweaty, and get working.

High Intensity

These sessions will push your limits. Heart rates upward of 80% max, drenched in sweat, puffed breaths. You will leave these classes feeling satisfied, accomplished, and like you can conquer anything.

Contact us about Small Group Training

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