Fitness programs

Fitness programs

Friends who sweat together, stay together.
Come and get with the program!

Studies show that working out in a group can double your performance, keep you motivated and inspire you to rise to your goals. Our fitness programs are designed with specific targets in mind and are constructively structured, which means you get results, fast! Whether you want to lose 10kg in eight weeks, amp up your morning, get a whole-body workout, or ease yourself back into physical activity, we can help you get there.

  • Weight Loss Warriors

    An 8-week program that gives you the tools to lose weight, improve your eating and exercise habits, as well as your overall quality of life...

  • Fit 360

    If you want to increase your fitness, strength, muscle tone and flexibility, then this focused 8-week program is perfect for you...

  • Booty Camp

    Just in time for Summer, BootyCamp is a 6 week, women only program which targets the problem areas for women and educates them on correct exerci...

  • Fit 4 Life

    Fit4Life classes are low impact and gentler in intensity – perfect for seniors and entry-level participants returning to the fitness scene...

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