Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

Have a specific goal in mind? Get there faster with a Macqaurie University Sport Fitness Program!

Studies show that working out in a group can double your performance, keep you motivated and inspire you to rise to your goals. Our fitness programs are designed with specific targets in mind and are constructively structured, which means you get results, fast! Whether you want to lose 10kg in eight weeks, amp up your morning, get a whole-body workout, or ease yourself back into physical activity, we can help you get there!


Friends who sweat together, stay together! And what better way to do that than with an MQ Sport Fitness Program? Our programs are designed and structured with specific targets in mind, which means you get results – and fast! Whether you want to lose a specified weight in a short time frame, get a whole-body workout, learn how to train for purpose or ease yourself back into physical activity, our programs can help you get there.

All Macquare University Sport Fitness Programs are delivered by a qualified and experienced trainer in the program you’ll be undertaking. Please bear in mind that these programs not only vary in nature and intensity, but are specific and will require a booking to secure your spot.

Information about our current program offerings are available by clicking through the program tiles pictured below.

Events and News:


Join 2 of our trainer, Chris and Caroline at Mona Vale beach to farewell Summer in style!

The natural resistance provided by the sand makes ordinary movements such as jumping, running and even walking more intense, ensuring that your body will be pushed to work as hard as it can. But don’t worry; you’ll have the cool ocean breeze and beautiful views to distract you!!!

We will have a bus to take members to and from Mona Vale beach.

All members need to bring is appropriate active wear, enclosed shoes, hat, sunscreen and a can-do attitude. Swimmers are optional, but there will be no swimming included in the workout.

  • Saturday 16th March
  • Bus departs at 8am from MUSAC
  • $20 per person
  • Bus will arrive back at approximately 11:30am

For more information, email

Current Programs:

Current Fitness Programs are pictured and detailed in the tiles below.

How to Book Your Fitness Program:

To book your place in any scheduled Fitness Program, patrons will have to make their booking at our front desk or Health Club desk. All program bookings must be made and paid in full prior to the advertised start date of the program.

Contact Us About a Fitness Program:

Have a question or query you feel hasn’t been answered? Would you like to know more? Contact us on 9850 4482 or send your enquiry to Need an answer right away? Why not try the LiveChat feature in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We have a representative on standby ready and willing to help!

  • Weight Loss Warriors

    An 10-week program that gives you the tools to lose weight, improve your eating and exercise habits, as well as your overall quality of life...

  • Fit 360

    If you want to increase your fitness, strength, muscle tone and flexibility, then this focused 8-week program is perfect for you...

  • Navy SEAL

    Need to be pushed beyond your comfort zone? Run by a former trainer of the Australian Navy, this program is designed to prepare the participant f...

  • Fit 4 Life

    Fit4Life classes are low impact and gentler in intensity – perfect for seniors and entry-level participants returning to the fitness scene...

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