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Encourage your kids to develop confidence in the water, learn about safety, and sharpen their skills

We believe every Mini MacWarrior should have the ability to safely enjoy the aquatic environment and the opportunity to learn an essential skill that will remain with them for life.

Our dedicated team will create a supportive and engaging environment for every student and incorporate professionally developed lesson plans designed to nurture your child’s journey along the aquatic pathway.

Learn to Swim programs

Macquarie University Swim Program is a Swim Australia registered Swim School and all of our teachers are AustSwim qualified and hold senior first aid certificates

Infants program (6 months – 3 years old)

Class size: Maximum 8 students

Our infants program teaches water confidence and basic water safety skills in a fun and safe environment, with babies and parents swimming together. The infants program starts at six months with the Fairy Penguin class, progressing to the Emperor Penguin program.

Lower level classes involve songs and games to make your child comfortable in the water and as they progress through levels they will be introduced to safety skills and develop water confidence.

Fairy Penguin - 6 months-18 months (30 minutes)

Skills developed

  • Water familiarity

Emperor Penguin - 18 months-3 years old (30 minutes)

Skills developed

  • Further develops water confidence
  • Facilitates a smooth transition into the pre school program

Private classes (2 students, 30 minutes)

Skills developed

  • Private lessons are offered to all age groups and the teacher is there to cater to your children's specific needs

Pre-school program (4 years old and under)

Conducted seven days a week, this program teaches pre-schoolers how to develop water safety skills and introduces some new swimming styles. These classes introduce your child/ren to more independent swimming. As they progress through levels, they develop freestyle and back kick skills, as well as bilateral breathing and backstroke arms.

Class size: 3–5 students

LevelSkills developed

(20 minutes)

  • Fall, Recover on back
  • Reach and kick to wall
  • Climb up onto wall

Sea Dragon
(30 minutes)

  • 5m independent swimming, paddle and kicking with pop up breathing
  • 2m independent swimming recovery on back with a 10 second float

School-age program (5 years old and older)

With classes available seven days a week, this program reinforces basic water safety skills and, as students progress through the Turtle, Platypus and Crocodile levels. Classes build on existing water confidence, safety and further develop independent swimming. As children progress through the levels, they reinforce freestyle and back kick skills and improve bilateral freestyle, backstroke and streamline starts. They are also introduced to breaststroke kicks.

Class size: 4–5 students

LevelSkills developed

(30 minutes)

  • 5m Streamline kick blowing bubbles
  • 8m Paddle & kick with pop up breathing
  • Back float and recover to platform

(30 minutes)

  • 8m Streamline with kicking
  • 8m Straight overarm stroke (bubbling no breathing)
  • 8m Back kick

(30 minutes)

  • 2 x 8m Bilateral Freestyle (breathing and bubbling)
  • 8m Backstroke

Private classes

Private lessons are only available via request and under special circumstances for children with specific needs.

Teen program (10 years old and older)

This program is designed for students aged over 10 years with minimal swimming experience. It further develops your teenager’s skills in preparation for joining our various squad and performance programs.

Class size: 6–8 students

LevelSkills developed

Teen Start
(6 students, 30 minutes)

  • 2 x 12m Bilateral Freestyle
  • 2 x 12m Backstroke
  • 12m Breaststroke kick with feet turning out

Teen Transition
(8 students, 45 minutes)

  • 50 - 100m Bilateral Freestyle with 6 beat kick
  • 50 - 100m Backstroke with 6 beat kick
  • 50m Breaststroke with correct timing
  • 25 - 50m Butterfly with correct timing
  • Turns and starts

Private classes
(2 students, 30 minutes)

Private lessons are offered to all age groups and the teacher is there to cater to your children's specific needs.

Stroke development (open to all ages)

Our stroke development program aims to improve on a student’s skills already achieved in other levels. This program, which progresses through two levels – Seal and Dolphin– introduces butterfly and breaststroke and focuses on correct technique, body position and building endurance.

Class size: 6–7 students

LevelSkills developed


(30 minutes)

  • 2 x 12m Bilateral Freestyle
  • 2 x 12m Backstroke
  • Basic Breaststroke kick in streamline position


(45 minutes)

  • 25m Bilateral Freestyle with streamline start
  • 25m Backstroke with drop start
  • 12m Breaststroke (pull, breath, kick, glide)

Macquarie University Swim Squad

As your child or teenager grows and progresses through the skill levels, they will eventually join the grownups in our adult swimming programs. They may also join Macquarie University’s swim squad, and participate in training.

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