Do you offer trials or assessments for programs?

Yes, you are entitled to one free trial for Martial Arts, Swim School Infants Program, and Gymnastics Kinder Gym and Adults Program. An assessment is required for all other levels within the Swim School and Gymnastics programs.

Do classes run on a term basis?

Classes run on a perpetual basis, they do not break for school holidays (excluding the Christmas period) meaning you are able to join the program all year round. A minimum of twelve weeks commitment is required when joining the program.

When are lessons held? 

Please speak with the Programs Administration Team for a current timetable of the program class times and availability.

Alternatively, you can view our timetable here

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

Program members are eligible for a maximum of eight (8) make-up lessons per calendar year (01/01/2020 - 20/12/2020). This maximum of 8 make-up lessons per calendar year is regardless of how many times you cancel out of your membership and re-enrol in in the same year.

A member must notify the Member Engagement Team a minimum of 24 hours  prior to the start of the lesson via our Warrior Web portal: www.campuslife.mq.edu.au/warrior-web Alternatively, you can contact the team by email: sportprograms@mq.edu.au

For medical absences within 24 hours of a class, the Member Engagement Team must be notified prior to the start of a class and a medical certificate must be supplied in person or by email, within 24 hours of the missed class commencement.

Make-up lesson bookings must be made within 24 hours of the selected class time—bookings cannot be made prior to this time. All make-up lessons are subject to availability.

Make-up lessons cannot be claimed if you cancel from the program and are no longer a member. All missed make-up lessons will be forfeited. Make-up lessons cannot be accrued.

What about grading and assessments?

Please remember that all children learn at an individual pace and will progress to the next level in their own time.

Swimming: Students will be assessed once per three-month period, and feedback provided verbally and via an emailed progress report.

Gymnastics: Your child’s coach is the best staff to speak to regarding progression for your child, please approach them after class to discuss progress. At the end of each term your child will complete a gymnastics assessment and a report card will be issued.

Martial Arts: Please feel free to speak to your child’s instructor regarding the performance or progress of your child. Grading sessions are run for progression, there are sign up and fee requirements. Conditions apply.

What are the costs?

Please see our fees and charges page.

What to bring to lessons?

All children must wear a swimming cap while in the pools. It is advised that children also wear goggles to avoid any eye irritation. All children 3 years old and under must wear swimming nappies. A one-piece costume for girls and swim briefs for boys is recommended.

Swimming caps, goggles, swim nappies and swimming costumes are available for purchase at the retail outlet at the Member Engagement Desk.

Girls are to train in leotards with shorts or tights, boys in t-shirt and shorts. Leggings and bike pants are also acceptable, and bare feet essential.  All gymnasts are to have their hair tied back and no jewellery is to be worn to classes. Clothes should be tight fitting as lose clothing can be dangerous during gymnastics activity

Martial arts:
Comfortable clothing can be worn for the trial class. Once enrolled in the program a uniform is a compulsory component of the program. Bare feet are essential.

I am going away on holidays, can I suspend my membership?

Unfortunately we do not offer suspensions. If you are going away on holidays we do suggest you cancel your membership and then re-join when you return.

What happens after my minimum 12 weeks?

After your minimum 12 weeks has finished, your membership is ongoing until you choose to cancel.

How do I cancel my child's membership? 

After fulfilling the minimum 12 weeks of a Program, Members or their Parents may, by providing a minimum 15 days’ notice and completing a Cancellation Form at the appropriate Administration Desk, cancel the membership. U@MQ will not process a cancellation request if the Member is in arrears.

Do you have another payment method besides fortnightly direct debit?

No, the only payment method we offer is ongoing fortnightly direct debit.

How do I request a Health Fund Receipt for my Learn to Swim Membership?

Please log a request here. Requests will be responded to within 2 business days.

MQ Sport and Recreation Holiday Programs FAQs

What date do enrollments open and close?

Enrollments generally open one month prior to the program. Entry into the program may be restricted regardless of capacity potential.

Bookings for the upcoming October Holidays program are now open. Click through to learn more.

What do I do if I have incorrectly booked a program or change my mind?

A request to change programs can be taken by emailing the School Sport and Programs Coordinator via schoolsport@mq.edu.au. Note that not all changes may be possible and are at the discretion of the School Sport and Programs Coordinator.

What time do programs start and finish? What do I need to do if I am running late?

Swim Vac Groups and Privates:

  • Swim Vac sessions run between 8.00am-11.15am
  • Lesson times vary from 20-45 minutes depending on the level
  • See our Holiday Sport and Recreation page for further details


  • Sign In: 8.45am
  • Activities: 9.00am-12.00pm (this includes snack breaks)
  • Pick Up: 12.00pm

Should you be running late to drop off or collect your children at the beginning or end of a program, it is expected that parents will call Macquarie University on (02) 9850 7636 to notify staff.

There is a late fee for picking up your child after 6.00pm. Please see the Terms and Conditions for further information.

What are the wet weather arrangements?

Programs will go ahead in wet weather. Alternative facilities are booked in advance and children will participate in activities appropriate for indoors.

Where is the program held and where can I park?

Our Sport and Recreation Holiday Programs are held throughout facilities of the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre, 10 Gymnasium Road, Macquarie University.

Information about paid parking at Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre is available here

Are there age limit restrictions?

Gymnastics Program:

5 - 16 years of age

Swim Vac Lessons:

3 - 16 years of age

Please be mindful that the average age of the program varies daily and there is no guarantee of the diversity of the age of the group on any given day.

What food will I need to provide? What can't I bring?

Parents will need to pack a healthy recess, lunch and afternoon tea snack for their children.

*It is important to note that Macquarie University MQ Sport and Recreation Holiday Programs are a NUT FREE environment and that lunch and snacks should be packed accordingly. Children will not be permitted access to the cafe on site or to the vending machines.

Who are the staff who work with my child/ren?

Our staff all have or are studying towards an Education degree and/or are qualified sports coaches with extensive experience in children's programs. The Sport Programs team provide extra supervision, and all staff are First Aid qualified and have Working With Children Checks.

What do I need to do if my child has a medical condition or an additional need?

During the enrolment process, parents are required to supply all information for their child/children, listing any special health, behavioural and medication requirements.

Any child who is diagnosed with asthma or anaphylaxis MUST provide an Individual Health Management Plan completed by a medical practitioner and submit it directly to the School Sport and Programs Coordinator via email (schoolsport@mq.edu.au) prior to attendance in the program. All medication must be declared and signed in and out by an authorised adult each day. Medication should be in its original packaging and clearly labelled with the student's name, correct dosage and frequency.

Any child registered with learning or behavioural difficulties MUST provide staff with information relating to their needs, which are relevant to the successful inclusion of the child into the MQ Sport and Recreation Holiday Programs.

Can I send someone to pick up my child from the program?

To ensure the safety of children, it is our policy that children must be signed in to the program by an authorised parent/guardian. In the circumstance the parent/guardian may elect another adult to collect the child, written authorisation must be submitted to the School Sport and Programs Coordinator, and personal identification (such as a driver’s licence) shown before the child/ren will be released from our care.

What are MQ Sport’s behaviour guidelines?

MQ Sport would like to ensure that children enjoy participation in the program in a safe and positive environment. To maintain positive relationships with children and staff, bullying and inappropriate behaviour, verbal and physical inclusive, will not be tolerated.

Children are encouraged to respect and follow the instruction of the Sport Administrator/s. Should any participants not uphold the behaviour guidelines, please review the following consequences;

  • The child will be reminded of the expected behaviour
  • Should the behaviour persist the child will be asked to take a time out from the activity and the group
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, a discussion with the parents will be initiated
  • A system will be implemented to check-in and review the child’s behaviour on a daily basis when the child next attends the program
  • In extreme circumstances, parents may be asked to remove the child from the program, and further enrolment may be restricted.

Refusal of enrolment is at the discretion of the School Sport and Programs Coordinator if there is a breach of the behaviour guidelines, and any costs incurred as a result of damaged property will be charged to the parent/guardian. No refund of the program fee will be provided to participants removed for behavioural reasons.

What is MQ's sun safety policy?

It is expected that children bring a hat, drink bottle, and have sunscreen (SPF50+) already applied and protective clothing, such as long sleeves. All items should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Is the Child Care Rebate or Active Kids voucher available?

Unfortunately our Sport and Recreation Holiday Programs do not offer the Child Care Rebate and do not qualify for the Active Kids Voucher. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Where’s the multi-sport and recreation program?

A new and improved multi-sport holiday offering will be coming your way in the October holidays. In July, the regular sport and recreation program is having a rest and won’t be offered.

What can I do instead?

Parents looking for a full day of activities or afternoon activities to supplement their children’s morning gymnastics or swimming activities should check out Macquarie University Vacation Care.

Vacation Care is an approved service meaning that parents can claim the Child Care Subsidy. It's a great time with a diverse range of activities and excursions.

Child Safe Commitment Statement

Campus Life is committed to the safety, well-being and empowerment of all children and young people engaging in our programs and to protect them from foreseeable harm.

Campus Life treats all allegations and complaints about the safety and well-being of children seriously and is committed to ensuring that its staff, volunteers and contractors understand the legal obligations to report child abuse and neglect to government authorities. Every Campus Life employee has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays, individually and collectively, to ensure that the well-being and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do.

Who do I contact for any queries and feedback?

Please direct all of your queries and feedback to the School Sport & Programs Coordinator at schoolsport@mq.edu.au, or call (02) 9850 7636.

Warrior Web (online portal) FAQs

How do I login?

Link: www.campuslife.mq.edu.au/warrior-web

Username: your current email address (provided to MQ Sport when you sign up)

Password: warrior1 (this can be changed to your own when you first login)

Problems logging in? Please contact our Programs Administration Team - sportprograms@mq.edu.au

What CAN I do through Warrior Web?

  • Mark student's non-attendance
  • Book make-up lessons (when entitled)
  • Book additional perpetual classes
  • Update personal details
  • Update payment details
  • Pay outstanding fees
  • Check student level history and progress reports
  • Cancellations can be requested via Warrior Web (U@MQ will not process a cancellation request if a Member(s) are in arrears)

What CAN'T I do through Warrior Web?

The following tasks require assistance from our Programs Administration Team:

  • Moving your class day or time. This can be done over the phone or in Centre.

How do I mark my child's non-attendance for a lesson?

1. Select the 'Classes' menu option and then scroll down to select 'Current Bookings'.

2. Select your child's booking that you wish to manage and click the green 'Manage' button.

3. Click 'Mark Absent' for the dates that your child will not attend.

How do I book my child in for additional perpetual classes?

1. From the 'Classes' menu option click 'Browse Classes'.

2. From the list, please select the Class that you wish to book your child into. Your child must be assessed at your selected class level before being able to book in.

3. The availabilities for that Class level will then load. Please select a day and time that suit you (ongoing) and then click the green 'book' button next to it.

4. A smaller booking box will then pop up. Please select the child that you wish to book into this class.Click 'Add to cart' and then 'Checkout'.

5. Review your selection, carefully read the terms and conditions and agree to the terms and conditions.

6. Select (from credit card or bank account) the payment method for your pro-rata payment as well as the fortnightly direct debit payments.

7. Click 'confirm and pay'.

8. You will then be sent a Booking Confirmation email. Please ensure that you receive this and then read our 'Getting Started' page for more information on what to do next.

How do I check my child's progress report/s?

From the 'Classes' menu option click 'Class Progress'.

How do I update my personal details?

Select the 'My Profile' menu option and then scroll down to select 'My Profile' again. Then click 'edit profile'.

How do I update my payment details?

Select the 'My Profile' menu option and then scroll down to select 'My Account'. Then click 'Update My Direct Debit Details'.

How do I pay my outstanding fees?

On your home screen, there will be a message in a blue box 'You have an outstanding balance of $XX. Please click [here] to pay'.

Alternatively, you can click 'My Profile' then 'My Account'. Then click the 'pay my account' button.

How do I move my child's class?

You can NOT move your child's class through Warrior Web. Please contact our Programs Administration Team if you wish to do this.

How do I cancel my child's membership?

You can NOT cancel your child's class through Warrior Web. This must be done in Centre.

After fulfilling the minimum 12 weeks of a Program, Members or their Parents may, by providing a minimum 15 days’ notice and completing a Cancellation Form at the appropriate Administration Desk, cancel the membership. U@MQ will not process a cancellation request if the Member is in arrears.

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