Taekwondo membership, grading and fees

Taekwondo membership, grading and fees


  • Membership fee - $36/fortnight ($18/class) for one session per week.
    A discount of 20% per week will be offered if:
    • The child is also on a direct debit membership with the Macquarie University Swim School or Gymnastics Program
    • The child's parent is a member at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre
    • Members must subscribe to a minimum of 12 weeks.


Students participating within the Martial Arts Program can move through the belt levels by completing a grading session. Your instructor will inform you of grading dates. A fee will be charged per student dependent on the level of each grading, and are payable prior to the commencement of the grading.


  • Registration fee - $50 will be paid as a direct debit payment annually in February, or at the time of registration
  • This is an annual registration fee which covers students for insurance purposes
  • Should a student register after June 30, the registration fee will be discounted to $30
  • Uniforms are a compulsory purchase when enrolling in the program.

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