Connor Stead

Connor Stead

  1. How did you first get involved in the martial arts?

    I have played rugby union for many years of my life consecutively however for this semester I really needed buckle down on my studies and get my GPA up. Team sports are fantastic and I truly do love them, but I needed time to myself whilst engaging in an extracurricular activity that allows me to take a training day or two off when I need to study. Missing rugby trainings and games is not an option when your team mates rely on your presence, so I looked elsewhere for a personal endeavour.   
  2. Which style of martial arts do you currently practice?

    Currently I participate in the boxing program. I was previously enrolled in Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga and did so because I wanted to be exposed to all types of martial arts that were available for me. After some time however my study and workloads increased and I had to select one to focus on. I chose boxing simply because I enjoyed the training, made solid improvement over such a short amount of time and received a huge degree of encouragement and personalised advice from our experienced trainer.   
  3. How often do you train?

    We train three times a week at the moment scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We're meant to train for one hour, however most of the guys and girls stay back with our fantastic trainer Ben Howell for an hour or so after training to spar and practice advanced skills.    
  4. What is the most useful skill you have developed?

    Practicing boxing develops a wide range of skills and abilities. My hand - eye coordination has improved, cardio fitness and strength as well. The sparring I have done has also helped develop my confidence and has made me respect all forms of martial arts. It is very different from rugby, swimming and all other sports I have been involved with because I think that more than anything it focuses on individual development and the transformation of personal abilities.    
  5. What would you say to someone interested in martial arts?

    Get involved! You will not regret it. 

    I started out with a martial arts trial and was hooked from the first session. Martial arts make you a better, stronger and wiser person and I am so glad I made the decision to give it a shot.  
  6. What have you enjoyed most about the martial arts program?

    The range of choices available is unbelievable. I cannot believe it has taken me so long at this university to realise that this program existed! One more thing I would like to add is the fellow participants are wonderful people. Those experienced are more than willing to help newbies and everyone looks after each other. It is a safe and enjoyable program to increase strength, confidence and develop personal skills.
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