Adult Swimming

Adult Swimming

We offer swimming programs for adults

Programs range from Swimming Fundamentals, for adults with little or no swimming experiences, to Stroke Development, Stroke Correction, Swim Fit and Masters competitive training programs.

Swimming Fundamentals

(6 students, 45 minutes)
To develop basic swimming skills, including floatation, kicking and learning freestyle arms for adults with little or no swimming experience.

Stroke Development

(6 students, 45 minutes)
To assist adults with understanding of basic swimming skills while further development of Freestyle and Backstroke.

Stroke Correction

(6 students, 45 minutes)
To improve technique for freestyle, backstroke as well as butterfly for adults not quite ready for squad sessions.

Swim Fit

(1 hour)
Casual coached sessions to increase fitness whilst providing advanced stroke technique in a group environment. Sessions Monday & Wednesday 12:30-1:30 pm & 6:30-7:30 pm. No bookings required join in when you like.

Private classes

(1 student, 30 minutes)
Private lessons are catered to your specific needs. Subject to availability.

Swimsafe warriors

Learn about Australian waterways and learn to swim in a fun, safe environment.

This is your chance to learn to swim in a fun and safe environment. Aimed at Macquarie University international students, the SwimSafe Warriors Program comprises of both a theory and a practical component. Participants will learn water safety as well as basic swimming skills.

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