Instructor profiles

Instructor profiles

Meet Your Group Fitness Team

Group Fitness Team Leader Leisl Klaebe

Leisl Klaebe has been instructing group fitness classes for the last 13 years and still loves it with a passion. She manages the timetable of 118 classes each week and the 70 group fitness instructors who deliver them. Her philosophy is that everyone should live their best healthiest happiest life every single day.

In addition to leading her team, Leisl teaches classes every day on the Macquarie University Sport timetable. She is trained in BODYSTEP®, BODYPUMP®, BODYVIVE®, CXWORX®, freestyle and has three separate qualifications in children's fitness programs. She is also an advanced instructor for BODYPUMP® and CXWORX®.

Leisl is a pro trainer with the Australian Fitness Network and is responsible for guiding new group fitness instructors into the industry, armed with all the skills that they need. She has mentored many new instructors into the industry and established the Mac Mentor program which provides an opportunity for experienced instructors to mentor those on the team who are more newly trained, to ensure the same high-quality classes are delivered by everyone on the team.

Leisl was selected as a presenter at FILEX 2015 (international fitness industry convention) and presented a session on creating group fitness tribes. She is also a regular writer for the Australian Fitness Network magazine.

Group Fitness Instructor Cassiano

My name is Cassiano. I have been working in physical education since 2002 and have a Bachelor Degree in Fitness Health and Science (Brazil). I have been trained through Les Mills (BODYPUMP®, RPM® and CXWORX®) and also create my own classes in Freestyle Cycle and Step. I feel passionate about encouraging people to meet their fitness goals while creating positive and consistent change in their lives. I believe that hard work and motivation are the keys to success. 

Group Fitness Instructor Profile Jacqui

Jacqui began her love affair with fitness in 2008 as a member of Macquarie University Sport and a participant in group fitness classes. Being so passionate about group fitness, she began instructing classes. 

Over the past four years, Jacqui has studied extensively in fitness and taught many forms of group exercise including BODYATTACK®, BODYSTEP®, freestyle aerobics and Pilates. Jacqui has taught thousands of pilates classes for both large groups and individuals and completed advanced teacher training in pilates, in conjunction with trained physiotherapists.

Sport Group Fitness Instructor Sophie

Sophie has been teaching Les Mills group fitness since 2008, but was an avid participant for three years prior to her training. She teaches BODYATTACK®, BODYPUMP® and RPM® and hopes to train in BODYBALANCE® soon (to explore the calmer side of life).

Her future goal in the fitness industry is to become a Les Mills presenter for BODYATTACK® and then RPM®. She has also just finished a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours Macquarie University, with the aim of becoming a clinical psychologist.

Sport Group Fitness Instructor Katie

My name is Katie and I'm a psychology student here at Macquarie. Group fitness has always been a big part of my life and I decided to take up the challenge of teaching in 2012. Since then, my fitness and friendships have gone from strength to strength. With the support of the fabulous team at Macquarie University Sport I've been able to polish up my teaching, with a constant view on up-skilling and bringing the best of Les Mills programs and myself to the club. My classes are all about a fun, positive environment where friends encourage each other to enjoy the workout and feel fantastic.

Sport Group Fitness Instructor Cara
  • Cert III fitness and group exercise instructor
  • Cert IV personal training
  • Les Mills BODYPUMP® and BODYATTACK® instructor
  • Zumba instructor
  • RIDE and cycle instructor

After being in the industry for over ten years I can honestly say that fitness and exercise are my passion and I love helping make it others passion as well.

Sport Group Fitness Instructor Alicia

I hold both a Cert III and Cert IV in fitness specialising in freestyle group exercise. She has training and experience in a range of pre-choreographed and freestyle programs including BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP®, Boxing, Aqua, Zumba, Pilates and Yoga. She has a real passion for making exercise enjoyable, rewarding and suitable for everyone. She believes that styles of training such as aqua and pilates are viewed as easy classes or for injured/old people but that quite the opposite is actually true. She thoroughly enjoys helping and educating people and try to take that ethos to all of her classes.

Group Fitness Instructor Larissa

I am a certified international Wushu/Tai Chi instructor (6 Duan) and judge. I have been involved in a number of different pursuits. One of them is the sport of Wushu (this is the correct title for the Chinese Martial Arts that includes internal arts such as Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi and modern spectacular Wushu with various weapon play as well as traditional Wushu that sometimes is referred to as kung fu) in which I was involved since the late 80's.

Sport Group Fitness Instructor Maggie

My passion is helping people to achieve things in their life that they never thought they could do, through working with a positive mindset. I love to help people to do this with fitness.
I Specialise in: Aqua and Fit for Life programs and Aqua School programs.
I look to bring FUN back into exercise.

  • Qualifications:  Swim Teacher for 19 years specialising in disability, Infants, Adults and school programs
  • Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness
  • Certificate in older adults training
  • Senior first aid and CPR
  • Certificate 4 in sport
  • Active after school care coach for children years K-6 coaching a variety of sports

Group Fitness Instructor Yogi

I grew up in India so yoga was never a foreign concept. I have played with yoga nearly all my life having been introduced to it at the age of five by my grandfather and uncle. At the age of around 14 years, I started doing my regular Japa meditation (chanting of sacred mantra). I focus more on Dhyana (meditation) which is the seventh limb of eight limbs of yoga. I believe main purpose of physical asanas and other limbs of yoga is to prepare one's body and mind for the meditation because it is the last step before Samadhi (realization of oneness with all that is salvation/liberation/moksha/true nature). It is very limiting just to focus on asanas (physical postures) in our yoga practice.

Group Fitness Instructor Chantal

Chantal is an experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She established her business, Energyinxs, in 2008, with the goal of working with clients to maximize their energy and improve their health, through exercise and nutrition.

Today Energyinxs boasts a healthy personal training, group fitness and corporate client base across Sydney's North Shore. When not training clients, Chantal is the principal business coach for active management; working alongside personal trainers to support them grow successful and profitable businesses. 

Sport Group Fitness Instructors Negar Khamsie

Negar has been teaching group fitness since 2012, she began as a participant of Macquarie Sports and Aquatic Centre's classes and was immediately inspired by the fantastic instructors and knew she wanted to be a part of it.

Currently, she teaches RPM® and BODYPUMP®.

My name is Ali and I feel really lucky that I have my 'When I Grow Up' job. I discovered Aerobics Oz Style at aged six and did my first Les Mills class at the age of 13. When I started doing body jam a few years later thanks to my drama teacher at school, I really fell in love with group fitness and decided to become an instructor.

I'd love to say it was smooth sailing from there but it took me a few years to get over my dislike of being on stage in front of people and I started teaching BODYSTEP® in 2009.

Teaching and participating in group fitness has been the perfect complement to my background as a national level competitor in rhythmic gymnastics and calisthenics and I'm still loving it.

I currently teaching BODYSTEP® and BODYATTACK®, as well as being proud to be one of the first elite BODYBALANCE® instructors in Australia.

Group Fitness Instructor Profile Bernie Peterson

Bernie has been teaching yoga and yoga therapy for 30 years. He is the creator of Yoga Boot Camp to the Max. Over the years he has taught people of all ages and abilities. 

He has worked with the Sydney FC soccer team for a season and ran courses for the Australian women's water polo team and for Australian basketball players.

Bernie has also worked with triathletes, high-level swimming squads (including Ian Thorpe) and elite tennis players.

Group Fitness Instructor Profile Image Chooky

I originally trained as a Les Mills instructor 20+ years ago while at university studying (BSc (Stats)) in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Since then I feel incredibly lucky to have taught BODYATTACK®, BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT® and BODYBALANCE® across NZ, Australia and the UK.  

In my homeland (NZ) I was a Les Mills regional workshop presenter for BODYBALANCE®, and well before the group fitness bug took a bite I was an international gymnastics representative and competitive gymnastics coach.

Max is from Turkey and brings an eastern European/Mediterranean sport  passion to all his classes.

He came to Australia in 2009 after completing his Bachelor Degree in Sport and Recreation (Turkey) and has been in the health and fitness industry for over ten years.

He has a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and is qualified as an Aquatics Group fitness instructor. He specialises in group Aqua Aerobic classes and also teaches Fit for Life, Boxing and Circuit classes.

Group Fitness Instructor Profile Image Anna

I was originally a student member at this gym and loved it so much I became an instructor here.

I am currently studying Human Science at Macquarie University. I teach athletic and aerobic programs including BODYATTACK® and BODYSTEP® athletic, which are great for people looking to burn lots of calories and get fit fast.

Group Fitness Instructor Profile Image Alex

Alex has made the transition from being a keen participant in group fitness from his university student days to being an instructor. He currently holds a Master Degree in Chiropractic as well as a group exercise leader certificate. With a background in Karate and Kungfu, it was not surprising that he became a BODYCOMBAT® Instructor (Advanced Level). He also teaches BODYPUMP® and Les Mills GRIT® Series.

Alex is really passionate about human movement and wellbeing and believes that group fitness is the perfect combination for fitness/exercise regime, sociability and fun.

His latest interest is in BODYBALANCE® and is thinking of training into it very soon.

Profile: Jacqui
Position: Group fitness instructor
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