Suspension request

Suspension request


Thank you for your consideration to suspend your membership.

As the centre is currently closed, you are not required to suspend your membership. All payments at this time have been paused. Payments will resume when the centre is reopened. It will be communicated to members when the centre is reopened.

If you wish to suspend your membership for a large period of time, please email with your request and we would be happy to review.

If you wish to access the latest information relative to the centre closure, please click here.

Need a Break?

Going on holidays, experiencing injury or health issues, need time to study for exams or just simply need a break? Why not request a membership suspension?

Suspensions are a benefit for all direct debit members, allowing you to freeze your membership for up to 12 weeks (84 days) per calendar year. During this time you will not be able to access the centre and will not be billed for any days your membership is on suspension. Once you reach your return date, your membership will automatically reactivate, and you can start using the facilities again. All we ask is for at least 24-hours notice!

We offer membership suspensions for Direct Debit Health Club Members year round. That means you can pause your membership payments for a holiday or during exam periods for a maximum of 12-weeks (84-days) per calendar year.

Request a Membership Suspension:

Want to utilize your suspension? Fill out the form below or visit the front desk (Member Engagement Desk) of the centre.

Note: Once selecting the submit button, please ensure you wait patiently until the page reloads and you see confirmation that your request has been sent successfully. All suspension requests will be responded to within 5 days.

Membership Suspension Terms and Conditions:

  • Suspensions are available for Health Club direct debit memberships only. This does not include Swimming, Gymnastics or Martial Arts direct debit memberships.
  • Term memberships do not include suspension.
  • Suspension requests must be made for a minimum seven (7) day period. Suspensions may take up to five (5) business days to process.
  • Suspension requests cannot be backdated.
  • Members eligible for a suspension request can suspend their membership for up to twelve (12) weeks or eight-four (84) days in a calendar year. Members do not incur suspension fees.
  • Members cannot put their membership on suspension when their account is in arrears.
  • Suspension requests can be submitted online (below) or at the front desk (Member Engagement desk) of the centre.
  • Medical Suspensions are available where a Member is suffering from a medical condition precluding participation in their membership. The Member must submit a Suspension Request within four (4) weeks of incurring the medical condition, and provide a supporting medical certificate. Suspensions will only be granted for the time specified in the medical certificate. In the case that a Medical Suspension is approved the suspension will be backdated. Refunds are not available for Medical Suspensions.

Contact Us About Suspending Your Membership:

All the information you require for suspending your membership is available on this page, however if you're experiencing trouble or need any assistance in lodging your suspension request contact us on 9850 7636 or send your enquiry to this page. Need an answer right away? Why not try the LiveChat feature in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We have a representative on standby ready and willing to help!

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