Cancellation request

Cancellation request


We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your membership.

As the centre operates under the first stage of COVIDSafe protocols your payments will remain paused. We will announce via member email when payments will resume.

If you wish to access the latest information relative to the centre closure, please click here.

Are You Sure You Want to Cancel?

If you only a need a few weeks break, why not submit an online suspension request? This will save time and hassle when you want to start again. Macquarie University Sport offers 84-days FREE suspension per calendar year for Direct Debit Health Club memberships.

It is the responsibility of each member to cancel their membership. Non-attendance does not warrant a refund or cancellation. Memberships will not automatically cancel due to non-attendance. Cancellation requests can be submitted at the Customer Service Desk or by using the form below.

Request to Cancel Your Membership:

Are you certain you want to leave? Have you checked out or utilised all the inclusions of your membership? We might have what you're looking for and you didn't even know!

If you're still certain you want to cancel your membership - we're sorry to see you go - simply fill out the form below or visit the front desk (Member Engagement Desk) of the centre. We ask that you please be as detailed as possible for the reason that you cancel! We value your feedback and are committed to improving our members experience and your feedback is key to this.

Note: Once selecting the submit button, please ensure you wait patiently until the page reloads and you see confirmation that your request has been sent successfully. All cancellation requests will be responded to within 5 days.

Membership Cancellation Terms and Conditions:

  • Direct Debit Membership cancellations require at least fifteen (15) days notice.
  • Term Memberships can be cancelled but are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Members must submit an individual request for each membership they wish to be cancelled.
  • Cancellation requests will not be accepted if the member has outstanding payments.
  • Members must have completed one full direct debit cycle to cancel.
  • Submitting this form gives Macquarie University Sport the authority to attempt to collect these arrears using the financial information we have on file.
  • Final Direct Debit payments will be charged a pro-rata amount.
  • Membership cancellation will not be honoured if any membership payment amounts are not received.
  • Members cannot cancel and suspend their memberships simultaneously. The fifteen (15) days’ notice will begin the day the member comes off suspension.
  • A medical cancellation will be available where a member has a medical condition precluding participation in the membership for a minimum four consecutive weeks. Medical conditions include prolonged illness, hospitalisation, broken bones and contagious diseases. The member must submit a Cancellation Request within four weeks of incurring the medical condition, and provide a supporting medical certificate covering the refund period. Please attach supporting medical certificate.

Contact Us About Cancelling Your Membership:

All the information you require for cancelling your membership is available on this page, however if you're experiencing trouble or need any assistance in lodging your cancellation request contact us on 9850 7636 or send your enquiry to this page. Need an answer right away? Why not try the LiveChat feature in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We have a representative on standby ready and willing to help!

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