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Our squad structure

Each squad level within the new structure has been developed to effectively cater for the needs of each group of swimmers, while also providing more opportunity for the development of the swimmers to progress from the Swim School into squad swimming and toward open elite level.

Find out more about the squad program here.

What are the benefits?

  • More training sessions for all squad levels
  • Earlier time slots for all levels
  • More lanes in the outdoor 50m pool
  • More opportunities to train side by side with High Performance
  • Complete athlete pathway from Swim School to High Performance squads
  • More Race Nights
  • More info about the Swimming Club
  • More experienced and qualified coaches

Development Squads

Mini Squads
(8 students, 45 minutes)
To introduce butterfly and individual medley. Enhance starts, turns and finishes.Book now
Emerging Squads
(8-14 students, 60 minutes)
To develop greater proficiency in the four competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle), in addition to critical race skills such as streamlines, dives, underwater kicking, turns and finishes.
Teen Squad
(8-16 students, 75 minutes)

To provide an environment for swimmers 12 years+ to continue to develop their skills in a non-competitive environment.

Approval from Teen Performance coach, Junior Squad coach or Team Leader - Programs.

Teen Performance
(20 students, 75 minutes)
To help maintain a high level of swimming training or still looking to compete. This squad is designed with a strong focus on technique and endurance aimed at competitive requirements.

Competitive Squads

(16 students, 1 hour)
To give swimmers the skills needed to continue to progress through to Age Development and competitive swimming.Book now
Age Development
(16 students, 1 hour)
To further develop skills and abilities in all strokes and compete and achieve best results at NSW State Age Championships.
(16 students, 1 hour)
To develop swimmers that attain best results at National Championships (Open and Age).
(16 students, 1 hour)
For competitive adult swimmers to train with the aim of participating in both open water and pool events at a local and state level.
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