Teen swim programs

Teen swim programs

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Macquarie University Swim School has recently introduced a teenage swim program to cater for swimmers 12 years and over.

1) Teen Start: Beginner class focusing on the development of Freestyle and Backstroke. 30 minute class, maximum 5 students

2) Teen Transition: Intermediate class designed to provide stroke correction for Freestyle and Backstroke and build confidence in Breaststroke and Butterfly. 45 minutes, maximum 7 students

3) Teen Squad: Fitness squad for swimmers wanting stroke correction and to improve endurance. This is perfect for teenagers who want to continue swimming without focusing on competition. 60 minutes, maximum 16 students.

4) Teen Performance: Is a new squad developed to cater teenagers who are looking at maintaining a high level of swimming training or still looking to compete. There is no maximum requirement of sessions swimmers can attend but it is suggested that swimmers in this level swim 2-3 times per week. This squad is designed with a strong focus on technique and endurance aimed at competitive requirements.

Phone (02) 9850 9408 to book an assessment for this program.

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