Assessment & feedback system

Assessment & feedback system

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Macquarie University Swim School is launching a new assessment and feedback system in direct response to Biannual Customer Survey results regarding the frequency and quality of student feedback that parents receive. The new system will ensure that students are assessed on a regular basis.

We will ensure that each student is assessed and feedback given to the parents at least once every three months. When each child is assessed they will receive a swimmer Progress Update card giving a bullet point outline of what they are doing great, and what they need to continue working on.


  • Proactive approach to proving feedback to parents
  • Swim School staff to identify children ready for progression or who may need extra assistance before the parent request this
  • Improve results from biannual survey regarding the amount of feedback we provide parents and the quality of the feedback they receive
  • Increased efficiency in the assessment process as we will be conducting the assessments per class
  • Provide parents with a point of reference of their child's progress through Progress Updates

Where do I find information about my child's level?

Click here to read about our levels

How often will my child be assessed?

Your child will be assessed at least every three months. If they are ready to progress sooner, their teacher will notify the supervisor.

Click here for the Swim School Assessment Schedule.

What happens during the assessment?

Each level has a set list of objectives which must be achieved for the child to progress. The supervisor will assess the whole class, writing comments onto the assessment roll. The supervisor will complete a Progress Update card for each swimmer. In the instance that the child is ready to progress to the next level they will be issued a Progression Certificate.

What is the role of the teacher in the assessment process?

The teacher will be invited to provide comments on how the child is going in the level. In addition the supervisor will debrief at the end of the shift with the teacher to let them know the results of the assessments.

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