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The Importance of Water Familisrtation 

If your child has not been regularly exposed to the water, they may show signs of fear & apprehension which could result in refusal to get into the water. It is important to ensure children feel relaxed and comfortable prior to getting in the water for their lesson. Often the parent may unintentionally cause the child to be frightened of the water. By saying things such as “Don’t go near the pool its deep” or “come back from the side of the pool you will hurt yourself” your child could become more anxious about attending swimming lessons.

It is important to familiarise your child with the water from a young age to ensure they feel comfortable and build their confidence by learning the basic skills such as floating on a more frequent basis.

When Should I Introduce Goggles?

Once children have been through the water familiarisation process and they are happy playing and swimming underwater, it is a good idea to introduce goggles. They are useful to help protect children’s eyes from prolonged chlorine exposure. You might notice that some children will have more sensitive eyes than others. We will encourage some swimming without goggles so children do not become dependent on wearing them all the time.

Contact one of our Supervisors for further information.

New Missed lesson Policy

All Sport Program members are eligible for two (2) missed lessons during a three (3) month period.

How do I claim a missed lesson?

To claim a missed lesson, you must first advise the Administration Desk of non-attendance at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to your child's regular class. Members that do not advise that their child will not be attending their lesson will not be eligible for a make-up class.

To redeem a missed lesson, you must ring within twenty-four (24) hours of your desired attendance to see if any spaces are available. Make-up lessons are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed on the preferred day/time. You must claim your make-up lesson within the three months’ period.

When can I redeem my missed lesson?

                1 January – 31 March
                1 April – 30 June
                1 July – 30 September
                1 October – 31 December

Terms and Conditions:

  • Missed lessons are not transferable from one period to another and do not carry over.
  • Missed lessons that are not claimed will be forfeited and are subject to availability.
  • Members must advise of non-attendance to be eligible for a make-up.
  • Missed lessons cannot be redeemed in other program components of Multi-Memberships.
  • Missed lessons are not claimable once cancelled from Gymnastics classes.
  • For medical absences within twenty-four (24) hours of a class a medical certificate must be supplied in person or via email prior to the missed class.

Membership changes

Macquarie University Sport advises all members and guests that some fees and charges will increase in 2016. These increases have been kept to a minimum, however are essential in meeting rising costs and to continue to invest in venue upgrades and refurbishment.

Fee increases will become effective from 4 January 2016, and membership fees paid by direct debit will be adjusted accordingly on this date. View a full summary of fees and charges.

Get Fit and Active with Your Kids

Did you know, if your child is enrolled in a Swim School Program then you are eligible for a discounted Health Club membership! For more information email our friendly Customer Service team.

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