Security team

Security team

John Durbridge 

Campus Security Manager 

Macquarie University-Property-Security services- John Durbridge

Starting his working life in the Police Force, John gained an invaluable insight into law enforcement throughout many different policing areas including general duties, the Operations Element of the Tactical Response Group, the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence. During this time, he was involved in many major criminal investigations as an Intelligence Officer as well as may high risk incidents such as hostage situations, witness protection and dealing with armed offenders. 

After attaining the rank of Senior Constable, John moved on to developing his own private security company which he co-founded. This company specialised in the supply of security officers to large sites such as major shopping centres, as well as catering for the security needs of many of Australia's Top 100 International Companies. 

After over twenty years of corporate experience, John joined the University in his current role as the Campus Security Manager. As one of the University's Campus Emergency Coordinators, John is responsible for the day to day emergency preparedness of the University as well as the strategic and operational  direction of Security Services. 

John is qualified as a Workplace Trainer and Assessor (Certificate IV level), and has successfully completed the Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety.

Haisam Jamal 

Security Operations Coordinator 

Macquarie University-Property-Security Services- Haisam Jamal

Haisam was a member of the NSW Police Force for seven years, reaching the rank of Detective Constable 1st Class before leaving the Police and moving to Canada.

From 1997 to 2000 Haisam managed security for all the major Sydney Festival events in the Domain, with crowds ranging from 2,000 to 80,000 and his security teams consisted of 10 to 90 security officers. He was also the Security Site Manager for the 2000 New Year's Eve Fireworks at Mrs Macquarie's Chair managing 330 security officers with a crowd of over 500,000. 

During the Olympics Haisam worked in security recruitment and at the Museum of Contemporary Art looking after the AOC, the Greek Olympic Committee and the American Express Bar. 

Following the Sydney Olympics, Haisam returned to Canada for 7 years, working as a Security Supervisor and Manager in Shopping Centres and the Great Canadian Casino. 

Haisam currently holds the qualifications of Certificate IV in Security & Risk Management, Certificate IV in Frontline Management, and Certificate IV in Workplace Health & Safety.

Inasse Obeid

Crime Prevention and Training Coordinator

Macquarie University-Property-Security Services- Inasse Obeid

Inasse Obeid has a rich history of working at the University, starting as a Control Room Operator from 2003, and progressing through security patrolling, Traffic and Parking, The Vice Chancellor’s Office (E11A) Concierge and Security Supervisor to the role she holds today - Crime Prevention and Training Coordinator.

She’s a highly qualified member of the Security Team who holds certifications and qualifications in Occupational First Aid Certificate, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety, Certificate II and III in Security Operations, Advanced Resuscitation and Defibrillation, Certificate IV in Business Frontline Management, Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety and Self Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS).

As Crime Prevention and Training Coordinator, Inasse is responsible for the development and delivery of training programs and materials to Security Services, University Staff and Students. 

Inasse also develops, implements and oversees strategic intelligence initiatives to ensure the physical security of the University assets and that the University has the capability to achieve an environment that fosters the physical and psychological safety and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors.

The City of Ryde Council works in partnership with Macquarie University with the common goal of ensuring student, staff and community safety in the Macquarie Park area. Ryde council, Ryde LAC  and the Macquarie University Crime Prevention Officer are undertaking safety projects together as part of the implementation of the Crime Prevention Plan.

In partnership with Ryde LAC, we are initiating "Safety Awareness programs” for all students and the wider community.  Together we’re building a safer community for students to enjoy Macquarie University.

Sharon Crosby 

Client Services Officer 

Macquarie University-Property-Security Services- Sharon Crosby

Sharon joined the University in 2010, and is Security Services' Client Services Officer. In her role, Sharon is the Campus Administrator for the Gallagher Command System, which is our platform to provide secure access rights to Staff  and some students using our Campus Card system.  The Gallagher system has over 98500 users registered, along with over1650 access control points.

Sharon is also responsible for the management of the University's Parking Permit and Infringement system, which operates on a Campus wide basis and aimed to assisting all stakeholders with an efficient and effective method of parking vehicles around the precinct

Prior to that Sharon was employed at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre for a period of 16 years. Commencing as a Shift Security Officer, Sharon quickly progressed to the role of Security Supervisor, and was responsible for over 10 security shift staff. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Sharon was actively involved in the overall security presence at the Convention Centre, which was one of the major supporting venues in Sydney, and catered for thousands of people frequenting the Centre on a daily basis, including athletes, officials and spectators. 

Sharon holds a number of training qualifications including Certificate IV and Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety, Certificate IV in Frontline Business Management and Certificate III in Security Operations.

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