Personal safety plan

Personal safety plan

Developing your personal safety plan

We have listed below some points to consider, and also some tips and guidelines to help you put together your own personal safety plan.

Points to consider

  • Am I here on campus during the day only, or night as well?
  • Where can I park my car?
  • Which is the closest car park to the building I am visiting?
  • Which building am I going to when I arrive on campus?
  • Where do I need to go to on campus? Do I need to go to any outlying buildings for lectures?
  • Should I use the Security Services After Hours Escort service?
  • Have I checked out the Security map, which tells me the best way to walk around the Campus at night?
  • Do I know the locations of the blue Help Points placed around the Campus, and under what circumstance can I use one?
  • At night, should I use the free Shuttle Bus to move around the Campus and go to the Macquarie Railway Station?
  • Am I able to walk around the Campus with other students, during the evening hours?
  • Remember to be aware of your surroundings, listening to music with headsets on greatly reduces your chances of hearing things that are happening around you.

Tips and guidelines

  • Register yourself on the Alerts system.
  • Review the Security Services website, and be familiar with the location of the Security Control Centre and green light buildings around the campus.
  • Program the Security Control Centre telephone number (9850 7112) into your mobile phone, that way it is easy for you to ring if you need to.
  • In an emergency ring 9850 9999, your call will be treated as high priority.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Emergency Procedures listed on the Macquarie University website.
  • Evacuation diagrams are displayed in the front entrance of every building.  Take time to understand the evacuation diagram and take note on where you should go in the event of an evacuation.
  • Know what to do if you hear an emergency evacuation alarm (beep, beep or whoop, whoop) while you are in any of the Campus buildings.
  • Plan your trips around the Campus, particularly of a night.  Walk in groups and in well-lit areas if possible.
  • Check out the timetables for any transport that you may be intending to use, including the free Shuttle Bus.  Be aware of how often the service is provided, so that you can minimise your waiting time at bus stops, train stations etc.
  • Encourage your classmates to travel together, to and from campus.
  • Consider getting your First Aid certificate.  It is really handy for you to be able to help your family or friends, if you are faced with a medical emergency.
  • Be organised, look after your belongings, particularly your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and USB sticks that may contain personal details or university assignments.

Emergency contacts

Try to stay calm when making an emergency call.

All emergency services (Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade) - 000

For hearing / speech impaired TTY: 106

National Relay Service - a phone solution for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment

Security Services emergency number - (02) 9850 9999

Health and wellbeing support - 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67)

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