Shelter in place

Shelter in place

Shelter in Place is used when emergency situations do not warrant or allow for a normal evacuation procedure to take place in your building

What to do in the case of a chemical spill in your vicinity

  • Close all windows in the building, and try to prevent any air flowing into the building through external doors
  • Close off air conditioning units in the building
  • Move to a central area within the building that allows for a quick evacuation route (when ordered)
  • Assemble in an area that is accessible to the Campus internal phone system, and convey your location to the Security Control Centre on 7112
  • Follow instructions by First responders or Emergency Services personnel
  • If you are outside when the spill is detected, attempt to move away from the area taking into account environmental factors such as wind direction and speed

What to do in the case of an armed offender in your vicinity

  • Identify a safe area (usually a room) to move to within your building
  • Leave your belongings behind, but ensure that you take your mobile phone with you
  • Help others in your immediate area
  • Lock the door to the room from the inside, and try to barricade it
  • Close the curtains/blinds and turn off all the lights
  • Turn any mobile phones to silent, but not off - the Campus Alerts system uses SMS messaging
  • Spread out around the room as much as possible, sheltering behind structures such as desks or filing cabinets
  • Try to maintain silence within the room, and try to remain calm
  • Update the Security Control Centre on 7112 or 9999 on your situation, location, any injuries and number of persons with you
  • If you cannot locate a room to take shelter in, move to a discreet space on an upper floor of the building and comply with the other instructions
  • It will take at least 10 minutes for the Police to arrive on Campus, so you need to be prepared for this
  • In the event that the armed offender enters your location, and your life is in imminent danger, you must react as aggressively as possible against them and commit to your actions
  • Remain in your location until you are positive that the situation has resolved or you are instructed to leave by the Emergency Control Organisation


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