Personal injury or illness

Personal injury or illness

Personal injury - minor

  • Contact the nearest First Aid Officer within the building.
  • Contact the Security Control Centre on 9999 (or from a mobile 9850 9999) to arrange an escort to the Medical Centre (if required)
  • Inform the supervisor
  • Complete an Online Incident/Hazard Report

Personal injury - major

  • Determine if the area is safe for you to enter (e.g. electrical, hazardous substances or equipment hazards)
  • If safe to do so, care for injured person(s) - call for assistance
  • Send someone to phone Security 9999 (or from a mobile 9850 9999) and locate First Aid Officer and provide the following information
    • Your name
    • Location (building, level, room number)
    • State of consciousness of the injured person
    • Report on any possible hazards, e.g. chemical spill
    • Age and gender of the injured person(s)
    • If possible, the names of the injured person(s)
    • Any relevant information - breathing/not breathing; chest pains; bleeding
  • Ensure the area is clear for emergency personnel
  • Inform your supervisor
  • Complete an Online Incident/Hazard Report

If a person has been assaulted

  • Dial 9999 (or 9850 9999 from a mobile) and provide details of the assault as soon as possible
  • Do not wash, shower, change clothes or clean up in any way until after obtaining medical assistance and talking to the Police. You could destroy vital evidence
  • Do not drink alcohol or take tranquilisers or other drugs as you will have to give a clear account of what has happened. Try to remember everything you can about your attacker
  • Police Officers are aware that a person who has been assaulted is likely to be suffering from shock. They will do all they can to make things as easy as possible for you
  • Support is available from Campus Wellbeing on Ext 9850 7497


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